The Brave ain’t SWIFT!

The Brave ain’t SWIFT!


14 men made it to the lot at 0515 for the toughest workout of the week in SOB-land, The Brave. Mario and Doc McStruffins missed the launch and either went back to bed or to Centurion, and Rock Thrill and Turkey Leg smart/no-power sacked after inquiring the night before.  YHC actually led a workout without coupons, AMRAP, or a parking deck… imagine that! Well, it was mostly a run today… 6.1 miles +/- which YHC needed with NYC26.2 approaching in 24 days.  Good group today, and everyone had their game face on, and gave it their all from  the get-go. #Tclaps


  • 0515 … No warmup… Let’s go racing boys!!!
  • Segment Hunt the new “The Brave Mile (uphill)” on Community House to the entrance of Morrison Family YMCA (.95mi)
    • Get & encourage the 6, circle up, ad do several variations of merkins
  • Head to the soccer fields for a handful of AYG sprints, 6″ LBCs, burpees, side shuffles, squats, backwards runs, CDD’s, and shenanigans
  • Segment Hunt the new “Make America Great Segments” (0.37mi)
    • Partner up… AYG sprint in diff directions on the track 400mm… x 4 rounds . Hand-release merkins or full situps in between laps.
  • Segment Hunt the new “Make Segments Great Again”(0.37mi)
    • Set of merkin variations
  • Segment Hunt the new “The Brave Mile (downhill) from Morrison Family YMCA back to Ballantyne Commons Parkway on Community House (1.00mi)”
  • 1min WW2 situps at launch, 1 sprint around the parking lot, and jog it out to see how many miles you can get. YHC with 6.1mi
  • Finito! Thanks Chunder for stepping up to take us out at COT. Way to go buddy.


A lot of running today, and the required 4 miles was covered in the first 40 minutes. YHC was out of breath most of the morning, evidenced by dry-heaving three times on 4 segments, and didn’t get a chance to mumblechatter much.

  • Tuck got 8 miles with his 2 mile warmup… not too shabby considering he has 13.1 tomorrow.
  • Chunder is a rising star.  He challenged Purell on a tough segment on Tuesday at Fast Twitch, and despite not being used to running 6 miles… did it twice this week.
  • Keri was showing off in the mirror of Brazwells doing some handstand acrobat work pre-launch. Then he showed off his speed during parts of the workout.  Keep it up.
  • Fat Fire Hazard  is now cocky Fire Hazard as evidenced by his trash talking during field sprints… but like his typing, noone really understood what he was saying.
  • Purell won all the segments… period. Thin Mint wasn’t far behind, and it’s possible wasn’t even competing. Both threw down some sick mile times, especially on the downhill back to launch.
  • Wild Turkey claimed to be smoked on Slack… which reaffirms the strong effort that was seen out there on the course
  • Kirby has come a long way, and can now hang at The Brave as a regular is the rumor. Keep it up, and BELIEVE  you belong!
  • Now that Paper Jam is a runner, with a fancy GPS Watch, YHC expects him to take the speed governor off and start to put the pedal to the medal more regularly.

Love it or hate it, it was truly a pleasure to lead this morning. It’s been a while since YHC has been fit to Q, and the support and effort today was much appreciated, and YHC tried to reciprocate by my effort this morning. #WHOPUSHESWHO


  • Crane Relay… talk to Frasier ASAP if you (1) are interested in participating, but live under a rock and haven’s seen details about it (2) need to bow out of the relay.  They are in the final stages so speak up now!
  • Watch this… so proud of all teh guys who participated and helped these cancer survivors that YHC feels compelled to share, and hope you’ll be part of SFN soon. Just come to one race.

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