Stairway to Heaven

Stairway to Heaven

Good ol’ KBs.

YHC took the opportunity to go to the stairway to heaven this morning for some partner work.

To get to the stairs we did leapfrog farmer carry. One partner grabs both bells runs for 5 seconds while other partner planks. When he sees the running partner stop he gets up and chases then runs 5 more secs. Repeat.

Once at the stairs it was pretty simple:

1 partner runs up the stairs, 1 does an exercise. Group is done when 100 reps are achieved between the 2 partners.

  • Run / 100 reps of swings

2 mins of Mary

  • Run / 100 reps of double bell squats

2 mins of Mary

  • Run / 100 reps of curls

2 mins of Mary

  • Run / 20 reps of vikings






I love Kb’s – it gives you the chance to get a great workout w/out having to run 5 miles. Arena and Tulip were keeping a decent level of mumble chatter alive… not quite at a busch level but then again who is.

  • Random thought: has the COT ever had Tweetsy come after anyone other than louis?

Caramel Corn and Jockstrap didnt bring Kb’s – I brought a 20lber and they shared – which is way better than my intro to KB’s with busch’s 60 lber my first time… maybe AO leadership could invest in some pink starter bells for the newbies?

Baracus deserves a s/o as well for his pace– I think he is trying to make sure he is in shape for the upcoming F3 world cup – (Check your calendars oct. 27)





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