Sparta, party of one

Sparta, party of one

If you were like myself (or Bulldog) you accepted to Substi-Q a workout without looking at the long-term forecast this week. If you were awake last night and heard the downpour you were hoping no one would show and you could go back home and cuddle up with a warm blanket, a book and some coffee (or if you’re Bulldog, a warm cup of tea, a crumpet and game of chess). One person showed up for his, no one showed up for mine.


Instead of running the .3 miles into Sparta I drove and waited, 5:14 rolled around and I thought I was good to go but then a car rolled in. I checked with him and he was waiting for Peak 51 to start. I couldn’t believe Gypsy wasn’t there as he had hyped up the workout really hard, but whatevs. I was out of my car at 5:15 and thought that I was up and I should put in some mileage. A little angry to be awake and running alone I ran two hard miles and for some reason decided to head back to Peak 51 to work out with them.


When I got back there were 4 PAX waiting on their Q to show up. 5:31 rolled around and no Q – so I offered my revised Weinke and did a little double-Q action. Having never worked out with any of them before and wearing my bright yellow tank they were reluctant, but it was more of an assumptive sale.


The Thang


(Warmup behind Seaboard)

Run to Matthews Building Supply – hill work

3x up and down with 20 merkins at bottom and 20 jump squats at the end


Downtown Matthews

At each lampost – 20 Sister MCs, 20 Carolina Dry docks (alternate at each one)


Freemont Street

Ran to my house, grabbed pavers and did strength work in a circle. At the end everyone got a bottle of water from my garage.

Back to the school. Done.




  • First time I’ve ever been to a workout and no one showed, fortunately this site is a double AO and a PAX was provided.


  • Lois was apparently headed in to tell the PAX that Peak 51 was off, and said he saw us take off and let us go into the gloom – good call.


  • Gypsy just flat out slept in.


  • Horsehead was texting me talking smack about how much the workout was gonna suck and how he wasn’t going to be there.


  • All 4 guys did awesome on a run-heavy workout. I think Peak 51 is “moderate” but these guys killed a non-moderate workout, and got some good running in.


  • Shake N Bake was running hard and came in from Waxhaw to post, only to go back home shower and go to work. There are very few people who would drive 20+ minutes to post in the rain that was happening at 4:45 when he had to have woken up. Very impressed.


  • Lumberjack and Keely – both over 50 – kept pushing hard throughout and Madoff told me he was getting back into running since having a bunch of kids and kept pushing till the end.


I told my wife that I Q’d the “moderate” workout instead of Sparta and she said “If it’s the moderate group then why are they the only ones who showed up?”. Deep burn.


Always appreciate the opportunity to lead and am thankful that there are always people to find in the gloom.


Harley is on at Kevlar tomorrow – do it. Do it.

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GypsyPosted on8:34 pm - Oct 11, 2018

I have ZERO valid excuses for dropping the ball on this one wasn’t the rain, it wasn’t distance, not even the time or Q.. I even set the coffee up for auto start at 430.. problem was i woke up at 650. many many many apologies for leaving you hanging…
But super excited to read the original Sparta Site Q (Shake and Bake) came back home..

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