Estrella de mar de chocolate

Estrella de mar de chocolate

10 came out to Hydra. Er’body got wet.

We ran to HT

Circle up

15 LSQ

15 IW

Starfish x 2 (20 at each corner – 10 at the center)

1st round – merkins, dry docks, wide arm, diamond – 10 decline at center

2nd round – jump knee tucks, Mary Katherine, Monkey Humpers, Squats – 10 incline at center

Mosey back to church across street from AO for stomache’ and “sprints” – exercises included LBC, H2H, Freddy Mercury, Dolly

Mosey around school back to AO for the jerkin merkin circle

20 LBC in cadence

The skinny

This was the kind of morning I wish OTF would have been outdoors but it was F3 so I had to stare at a bunch of dudes in wet shirts instead.

I was really hoping to wake up to unrelenting rain and lightning so I could bag the Q.  Threatened it yesterday on The Twitter after many post golf libations.  Thought I had convinced myself but when I checked the radar during my daily 3am piss it was clear that it wasn’t going to be that bad.  Plus I am a man of my word.  Deal w it.

Thought about doing partner merkins (hands to partners knees), monkey humpers and firemen carry squats the entire time under cover of the school awning to stay dry, but when I remembered that Gummy and Stone Cold were running in it was clear that plans would change to add some mileage for them.  I’m never a selfish Q.

Evidently Jet Fuel works out with his shirt tucked in.  All the time.  Gummy says he looks like he belongs in a Dick’s Sporting Goods commercial as the family dad frolicking with his kids.  I still see him as the odd American in a Japanese Kirin Light commercial winking at a 210 lb Japanese chick over a plate of sticky rice.  Konichiwa beetches.

Hopper and I had a few funny moments which won’t be mentioned on here.  Let’s just say I see cars coming in a parking lot when it’s dark out and they have their lights on.

Couple flatulent moments out there, thankfully none that I heard or were even close to from Puddin.  Ever fart in the shower?  That’s what it was like.  Hopper wanted to know if you are truly clean if you fart in the shower?

Nobody pushed the “sprints” in my group except for HIPAA, Hopper, HIPAA, Queen and Sleepy.  Which leaves YHC.  Only Sprockets sprinted in group 2.  Stone Cold and Gummy were only thinking about their run home.

Thank you Puddin for taking us out in prayer.  Thoughts and prayers to all those in the path of Michael.


None.  But still expect some kind of comment from High Tide pushing gear on everyone.



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