Eagle Invasion pt.2

Eagle Invasion pt.2

The Eagles invasion continued at DV for week 2 of a 6 part series.

After the normal SSH and IW the men go to the business…


Track Work:

50’s x 6 (merkins while you wait)

100’s x 6 (squats while you wait)

200’s x 6 (merkins while you wait)

Finished with some people’s chair and balls to the wall to smoke the legs!



The Eagles are in part 2 of a 6 week staff challenge was has included bringing all the guys on staff out to a workout!

  • Caramel corn may be the MVP so far… Joe Kabwe (Hospital name) has been crushing it… I think it is the Zimbabwean in him but he never seems to age.
  • S/O to Sparty for being 2 minutes late. That’s not really a thing at F3 (except for floor slapper) but Sweeny was nice enough to wait.


Anyone wanting to welcome these guys in the next 6 weeks are welcome. Jockstrap on Q next week!

Dollywood (on behalf of SwT)


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