Record setting day at WAMRAP!

Record setting day at WAMRAP!

6 braved the sprinkles for a little hump day tour of the Waverly parking deck.


Little yog to parking decks, nothing more nothing less.

The Thang:

20 merkins at the bottom of the ramp

10 pull ups at the next level

20 merkins at the end of the ramp from here on out at each level

Backwards run to north stairs

Jack webb of CDDs x1 and donkey kicks x4, 2×8 (not 10, SMH), 3×12, 4×16, 5×20

Down the stairs, 10 J-lo’s at the bottom

Up the stairs for Jack webb of squat jumps/sister mary catherine’s to 5×20

Down the ramps and end with 10 burpees

That’s one loop, now AMRAP til 6:12 and head back to launch.


Thanks to McGee for the takeout and also for asking making me Q today. He must have really changed his marketing techniques because I believe we set a WAMRAP attendance record. Also was told we set an exercise and mileage record… Strava crowns for everybody in attendance. Had a couple grisly WAMRAP veterans in Alf, McGee, and Pop Tart and two newbies with Horsehead and Turkey Leg. Alf rightfully questioned my math on the Jack Webbs and accused McGee of stealing the workout, Turkey Leg let me boost him up to the beams for pull-ups the same way I do my 3 year old daughter, and Pop Tart was giddy all morning about Brown Bag catering the holiday fiesta. Good number of people hanging around the deck this AM, surprisingly. McGee tried to headlock each and every one of them, including former F3 PAX and current Camp Gladiator coach Electric Slide. They all declined but hey, this is the same guy who has organically grown WAMRAP from 1 PAX for 3 straight weeks to 2, to 3, to 6 in as many weeks! It’s hard to keep saying no to that face. Everyone stayed close together and got about 4 laps in for a little over 3 miles. Come check it out next Wednesday you are looking for a good workout for all fitness levels. It’s you v you at a great AO and even close enough for McGee to take a dump at his house at 5:24 tweet to you and still make it by 5:32.


A51 Holiday party at Seaboard, Dec 1. Rumor has it Brown Bag will be catering.

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HorseheadPosted on9:39 pm - Oct 10, 2018

Wait, we were supposed to do burpees?

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