Segment Trumping in Providence Plantation

Segment Trumping in Providence Plantation

20 bad hombres MAde Fast Twitch Great Again doing a conservative workout celebrating ‘Merican leadership in Providence Plantation. 9 segments were created (and if they were the same, they were renamed…. aking to NAFTA > USMexCanada Accord). Awards were given to the non-deserving segment losers in COT, in line with the Democratic principles of redistribution of weath.  Everybody wins today. Check Strava to see how well you did… or didn’t, do. No Strava? Your effort doesn’t count. Even Paper Jam is on Strava. Get with it.

  • ~6.5 miles were covered in total.  Either all out effort, or mosey to the next segment.
  • On one segment, Rachel’s arms and knees “Grabbed the Road by the p…avement” as he fell hard on the downhill bomb.
  • Keri made a comment that this was the fastest group of F3 guys he’s been around in F3 yet… AND that he really needs to stop smoking <facepalm emoji here>
  • Chunder nearly got Purell on the segment called Rocketman.  Ok it wasn’t close… but it was a solid effort anyway.
  • ZEE-RO segments for YHC. as expected. Even tried to make a #fakenews segment that wasn’t disclosed to the PAX, but couldn’t even win that.
  • Uncle Rico let YHC beat him on one or two segments, for fear that YHC would stop going to Brown Bag.
  • Rosie and Purell battled it out for the segment crowns all morning, followed by Citgo stealing one here and there
  • Prohibition led the first 20 feet of ‘Pocahontas’ but that wasn’t a segment.

Segment Names:

  1. Daniels Stormy (existing segment renamed, exact same route)
  2. Pocahontas
  3. Locker Room Talk
  4. Grab ‘Em – – –
  5. MAGA
  6. Rocketman
  7. Little Hands
  9. Crooked Hill-ary (existing segment, renamed, exact same route)


Thanks everyone for being a good sport about this morning’s workout. YHC was making no statement of political lean this morning, just like CNN or FOX news… totally impartial. If you are looking for another dumpsterfire of a qorkout, somehow YHC has the Q at The Brave Friday.

Honored to lead and thanks for the invite. And means a lot to be posting again in the gloom with you guys.

*If you missed SPEED FOR NEED at the Komen Race this weekend, and want to be inspired, please watch what is probably the best video yet >>> SFN at Komen Race Event Video


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GummyPosted on7:55 pm - Oct 9, 2018

Overheard on the streets of Providence Plantation:
– Chunder said that’s the furthest he’s ever run by a few miles. He’s only 20, so plenty of time to improve on that.
– Ductwork’s plantar is doing much better as long as he’s not running up or down a hill, so good call coming to Fast Twitch every week.
– I’d still like an explanation for Full House’s name. A few of discussed theories during Purple Haze’s tour of Providence Heights (which he didn’t write a backblast about) – last name Coulier or Saget, maybe he has a twin sister?
– Pro grew up in PP and has an explanation for why the main road is High Ridge.
– Mermaid was sitting at the traffic light at 6:14, so clearly the Hawks Nest guys didn’t get their money’s worth.

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