“Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier!”

“Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier!”

Because Japanese jet lag is a vicious mother, YHC set 17 alarms to make sure this week’s edition of Base Camp was not missed.  Sleep was choppy, broken, fitful which rendered YHC irritable and punch drunk albeit determined to lead the PAX thru a workout of moderately biblical proportions.  As YHC turned onto Strawberry from 51, a ghostly figure who eerily resembled Goonie was seen running away from the AO.  Did YHC miss the pre-run tweet, slack, or smoke signal?  Apparently, Site Q attendance is optional as Goonie was never spotted again until COT, where he mysteriously emerged from the gloom.  Nevertheless, here is what went down for the 11 PAX who chose to begin their week the right way.

Slow Mosey around parking lot.  High knees, Karaoke left and right, butt kickers all mixed in.  Any late arrivals?  No, sir.  Move on to the front SCMS parking lot.


  • IW x10 IC (please refer to the Moleskin for additional description of this gem)
  • LSS x10 IC
  • Should Tap Merkins x10 IC (Q fail on the initial cadence — rookie mistake — blame the jet lag)
  • Stretching
  • Sumo Jump Squat x10 IC (shout out to my Japanese brethren)
  • Slow Ascending Merkins x10 IC
  • Stretching
  • MC x10 IC

Right on Strawberry, 7 Merkins at each road hump, to Rosecliff.  Mary to wait on the 6.

7’s on Rosecliff (YHC flew on a 777 from JFK to Tokyo and back, hence the 7 theme.  Original?  Hardly.  Effective?  Definitely.)

  • Bottom of Rosecliff — Plank Jacks
  • Top of Rosecliff — Wide Arm Merkins


Mosey back towards SCMS.  7 Merkins at each road hump.  Congregate at rock pile near the outside bathrooms.  Mary to wait on the 6.

Pick lifting rock.  Perform called exercise.  Drop rock (gently).  Run to the bleachers for 7 Derkins.  Return to your rock.  Rinse and repeat.

  • Round 1 — Bicep Curls x10 IC
  • Round 2 — Squat Thrust x10 IC
  • Round 3 — Overhead Press x10 IC


Mosey to basketball goals.  Old fashioned suicides.  Squat Hold.  Plank Hold.



YHC believes it was the 2nd rep of Imperial Walkers that caused Area 51 legend Gummy some issues.  Evidently, the earth beneath Gummy’s feet suddenly opened up and almost swallowed him whole, as he crumbled to the ground in a Clemson heap.  Hence, the BB title (use your best Howard Cosell voice; for the younger PAX, YouTube it since you have no idea who YHC is talking about).  The PAX was relieved to hear Gummy chuckle, which subsequently unleashed uncontrollable laughter at his expense.  “Oh man, I just fell down.”  Why yes, yes you certainly did.  Concern for The Accountant was obviously high since NOT ONE PAX offered to help him up, YHC included.  Are we collectively missing the empathy gene?  Nah, we just all needed a good laugh.  Thank you, Gummy.  Mission Accomplished.

Solid group effort today.  This workout was in Spackler’s wheelhouse as his mumblechatter level was low and effort was high, consistently leading the PAX with Gummy, Hopper, and LaZBoy in tow.  YHC’s recent 2-week Japan trip was sans exercise, hence the need to rebuild soccer arms with “meat and potatoes” exercises.  Geraldo put down the ruck long enough to post and put in a sold effort.  The 7’s were tough because Rosecliff is no joke, but Snoopy and Damn Gina hung in there and got it done.  Thunder Road expertly performed Site Q duties by monitoring the PAX.  Well done.

Always a pleasure to Q at Base Camp.  Thanks to Goonie for the opportunity.

YHC has no clue who did the take out, but it must have been inspirational.

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GummyPosted on7:57 pm - Oct 9, 2018

Jet Fuel, I don’t think your disclaimer was very good, so you better lawyer up.

JetFuelPosted on8:13 pm - Oct 9, 2018

No blood from this turnip. And the disclaimer was thorough, well articulated, and legally sound.

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