The triple what?

The triple what?

8 Pax rolled into Outland with a few minutes to spare not knowing they were about to clock a few miles, approx 3.5. Not knowing a single Pax and not ever posting at this AO, I wasn’t really sure on how they would respond to what I was about to hit them with and I found out real quick that I definitely threw them a change-up!  After this week of missing two posts and getting taunted heavily by my regular pax, I was determined to bring a beatdown to Outland and I did.  Sorry boys!!


Long mosey from the front of school down the main road to the back of bus lot, see link below for actual route.  Circle up!


  • SSH x 25
  • Slow/Pause Merkins on my down x 15
  • Imperial Walker x 15

The Thang:

  • Triple Nickel  (Thanks Money Ball) – Start at the bottom of bus lot (downhill side) 5 Burpees, run to the top of bus lot (uphill side) 15 squats – rinse/repeat x 5

Fast Mosey to Shiloh Elementary playground.  Nearly there I called an audible and stopped for merkins so 6 could catch up.  Once to playground– Partner up!

  • Playground- P1 run lap around the track, P2 Merkins x 15, Supine pullups x 15, Mt climbers x 15 – Repeat x 2

Mosey back to bus lot at Elementary School

  • P1 inch worm towards the end of buses. P2 run to the end of buses and back, switch until both pax are at the end.  This took much longer than I thought!

Mosey about 50′ and circle up—BIG CIRCLE!!

  • One Pax called out an exercise and ran around outside of circle while all pax did the exercise.  Rinse and repeat around circle x 2 (need a name for this exercise)

Mosey back to Middle school parking lot… Pax started talking during mosey so I picked up the pace, the chatter stopped.  Once back to bus lot, where the Triple Nickel claimed its victims, I told the pax I had one more item to cover…. 4 Corners! I apologized in advance…

  • First corner – 5 squats
  • Second (up hill)  – 10 squats
  • Third – 5 Merkins
  • Fourth – 10 Merkins

Rinse and Repeat x 4 After 2 rounds I called an audible (time constraints) and I changed the loop from 4 to 3… After 3 rounds Jail Break back AO for marry and COT.


The Moleskine

The long mosey to start the day had all the pax a bit shaken but they soon settled in and completed the exercises.  Had to circle back for the six only one time. Smokey and Madison are beasts and led most of the morning, great job guys.

Workout Path–>>>




10/07 – Kinetic Heights – F3 dad event – including Nijia warrior course.  $20 per dad / $5 per kid.

11/10 –  Speed for need, Covenant Day Chruch – Need guys to push the chariots.

10/13 – Need Site Q for Outland – Contact Madison

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