IGNITION/FLASH – Please Read, It Sucked for Everyone Involved

IGNITION/FLASH – Please Read, It Sucked for Everyone Involved

IGNITION – SandBags with Pole Work – Read More for Clarity

Thought we had an even dozen for Ignition but Chicken Little was only teasing us with his presence.  He was there to pre-run.  #Sandbagger.

Fast mosey to high school entrance.  Disclaimer given as we ventured up Moneyball Hill.

Circled up for a quick Christopher Columbus warmup:

14 SSH

9 Merkins

2 Burpees




Light pole work in Champions Forest

10 Merkins and 10 Bomb Jacks at each light pole


Mosey to Cemetary entrance with some T-Merkins along the way.  Walk dark path through Cemetery into Lawson.  More T-Merkins.  Mosey to Deermeadows where somebody left their garage open with gear (Thanks Transporter)


Everybody grab a Sandbag and run down to bottom of hill.  5 Sandbag burpees and run back to gear garage.  Grab Kettlebell or Metal pipe.  Run it up to top of Hill.  Shoulder presses.  Leave weights and run to bottom.

Triple Nickel-ish

5 sandbag burpees at bottom

Run up hill with Sandbag

10 Shoulder presses with KB/Pipe

Run back down with Sandbag

Rinse and repeat 5 times

Put gear back and mosey to Clubhouse playground.  Teams of 3 for pull-ups and dips.  P1 does pull-ups until failure.  P2 and P3 do dips until their turn.  Repeat.


Mosey back to Cuthbertson past Recalculating’s House (free post on GroupMe).  4 long sprints to finish it off.




We got in the required 4+ Miles.  Explored new territory.  Visited a cemetary.  Ran through VERY dark areas (bring head lamps to Ignition if you got them).  And ran up a HORRIBLE hill.

Great work by all.  Bomb jacks are not fun.  Dasher smoked the pole work (light poles – get your mind out of the gutter).  Sandbags sucked up hill. Hollywood and Halfback crushed it.  Good thing it was dark by the playground so nobody could see my soccer arms struggling on the pull-ups.  Nobody had to go back for the 6 since everybody busted it today.  Very impressive.


FLASH – We Did a Few Merkins

13 PAX to a mildly fast mosey to middle school entrance.  Disclaimer while planking up.

Circled up for Warm-Up:

Plank while stretching out Calves

25 Merkins

15 Imperial Walkers

15 PP




Hit the Light Poles in front of both schools to the Hill

10 Merkin with Cross Mountain Climbers at each Pole – Circle back to the 6


Triple Nickle at MoneyBall Hill

Carolina Dry Docks at the bottom (25/20/15/10/5) and 5 Bomb Jacks at the top (Boom) – Mary waiting for the 6


Mosey to the Amphitheatre for some bench work with a pit stop at the corner with 25 Double Count SSH in honor of Big10


Finish Mosey with another Triple Nickle

Dips at Amphitheatre (25/20/15/10/5) and 5 Inclined Bench Merkins at the School – Mary led by Southern Belle to wait for the 6


Mosey to steps behind the HS.

5 SitupHipups past top of stairs near the turn and 5 Smurf Jacks at the bottom.   Up Stairs front, back, side, flap jack both up and down.


Plank waiting on the 6 into Extra Merkin work just to enhance any burning.

5 Diamond Merkins in Cadence

5 Hands out Merkins in Cadence

5 Hands flipped at your waist Merkins in Cadence

5 Hands out past your head Merkins in Cadence


Mosey to Transporter’s Shed – Plank Jacks led by Posse

Back to home base hitting every light pole with 6 Plank Rotations




Everyone worked really hard and complained a normal level.   It was a workout that may hurt worse tomorrow than today.

It was good to see absolutely everyone push it including Posse after his detailed workout over the weekend that was OVERSHARED on Groupme.  Gerber and Southern Belle did an awesome job staying out in front, but behind Double Stuffed (awesome name) just shredding the course and all of us in the process.   Nice job DS.  The rest of the pack pushed through each and every exercise with no complaints.

Shout out to Jim (our FNG originally from St Louis) – hockey fan.   He pushed it really well on what was a hard workout for someone that does not do push ups every day.  Hope to see Jim Back.




Thank you from Dancing Bear on the donations of Shampoo and Soaps to Homeless in Union County.  Going really well and will continue to collect.

EASY BUTTON VQ tomorrow at Commitment

ZINFADEL VQ  Wednesday at Chiseled



Thank you BC for taking us out.

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