Delta’s Injured-Q

Delta’s Injured-Q

15 Gathered at Rebel Yell for Delta’s triumphant return after he flew through the air and rolled in the gravel while moaning in pain only 9 days prior at Bag Pipe as his ankle gave out under the weight and pressure of 44 year old body.  But of course, Delta didn’t move much from one spot, but that didn’t stop him from making everyone else run.


One-legged side straddle hops, Merkins, Potatoe pickers, Mountain climbers and few other warms ups

Main event – Delta stayed in one spot excercising while makin the Pax run a lap around the parking lot. This was followed by more merkins, mary and some yoga moves.  This was teh method for another lap. Then 11’s on the hill of squats and merkins while Delta did the same without running, but added extra squats and merkins for making up for not running the hill.  Back the the circle where more mary and yoga was completed. This was followed by the BearCrawl 100’s where the modifiers did lunge walk. Then more mary and yoga followed with the final parking lot run (or another set of BearCrawl 100s depeding on the person). Then finished out with some burpees and mary to close out the morning.


There was a lot of moaning and groaning while in the multiple plank and six inch planks throughout the morning.  I did see some bellies resting on the ground, but I am confident the Rebel Yell cores were stronger the next day after this workout.


Culdesac shared his recent experience with Sumaritan’s Purse giving great praise to the organization and mentioning that our fellow Carolinians out east still have a long way to go before things get back to normal.


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