Busch’s Garage Circuit

Busch’s Garage Circuit

Great morning with the boys as always, thanks Voodoo for the opportunity to lead!  I decided I would share my garage workout that I do on my own.  Hope everyone enjoyed it, though I know from a few comments there were some that didn’t like my 12 year old son’s pump up music.  Thanks for coming out lads!

The Workout:

SSH X 30

IW X 30

27 Merkins in Cadence

If you have multiple kettle bells, start with your lightest bell and go up with each successive circuit (Example, 40,50,60)

1st Circuit:  Perform 3 times

20 High two handed KB swings

20 two handed KB presses or 10 each arm if doing single handed presses

10 High Pulls each arm

10 Snatches each arm

10 Bent over rows each arm

10 Upright rows

20 Merkins


2nd Circuit: Repeat 3 times

20 T-Bag Squats

10 KB Lunges each leg

20 Goblet Squats

20 Merkins



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