Ragnar guys missed this

Ragnar guys missed this

8 PAX wisely chose to skip out on Ragnar in favor of following my lead on a steamy October morning.


Disclaimed the wily vets then 10 burpees OYO, no other warm-up necessary.

The Thang:

Run down Community House towards room 101, passing room 101, and down to the walking paths behind the Brigham building for instructions as follows:

Run to first patio, 20 step ups each leg/20 derkins

Run to next patio for 20 box jumps/20 dips

Run to next patio for 20 mountain climbers/20 thigh slaps

Run to next patio for 7 burp ‘n merks

Continue on the sidewalk heading down towards room 101 for 10 Carolina Donkey Kicks

Head up the ramps to the top and complete 20 diamond merkins/20 squat jumps/20 American hammers

Run down the ramps to the basement where the cinder blocks live and do 20 bent over rows

Hit the stairs and all the way to the top, then do a 180 and back down the stairs

Run back to the start on the walking path and that is 1 lap… now AMRAP until reconvening at 6:08

Take a slightly longer route through WF parking lot and back to launch for 30 seconds of burpees to round it out. Got 4-5ish miles in, lots of merks, burps, and other silly named exercises in.



I have posted enough at The Brave to know this is a no bullsh@t workout and the expectations for a good beat down are high. Was slightly bummed that a lot of the usual suspects at The Brave were out today for Ragnar, so maybe we will have to run this one back. Hollywood thinks so.  I’m not sure that any of the other 7 that were there today are interested in that, especially since Kirby questioned the time spent in what he called the pizza oven. Props to everyone for putting up with that AMRAP, not sure if it can be called that with everyone getting in about 2 laps. Hollywood is always looking fast, didn’t disappoint today. Tuck had a smile on his face the whole time, per usual. Enron didn’t like the early burpee call but even closed out the workout with one. Chunder continues to impress… pretty sure when I was 20 and it was 5:15am I was coming home from the bars with a La Bomba’s burrito in hand. Kerri was a FNG one week ago (didn’t know FNGs showed at this AO) and this was his 4th post, pretty awesome. Paper Jam sure did a lot of running for #notarunner. Nice work! Kirby was apprehensive about me being on Q both before and during, but was strong all the way through. Great to see Paper Jam and Kirby push each other.

Thanks to Paper Jam for the takeout and to Tuck, Thin Mint, Mario, and One-Niner for the opportunity to lead these animals.


Everything is on slack and mypace.

Good luck to the Ragnar teams this weekend!




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