When Should I Start?

When Should I Start?

On the eve of YHC’s half century mark, 14 PAX joined the old dog and maybe learned some new tricks. After a thorough disclaimer that would make Mermaid proud, we were off in the direction of the parking lot close to Lockness for:


SSHx 15, 5 merkins OYO, IW x 15, 5 diamond merkins OYO, LSS x 15, 5 merkins OYO, 15 LBCs


Mosey around Lockness and meet up in the parking lot on opposite side. Split into 2 groups, one for each side of the fitness trail. On one side: inclide merkins, regular merkins and pull ups. 10 reps and 3 sets each station. On the other side: dips, supine pull ups and regular pull ups. 10 reps and 3 sets each station. When done meet in the parking lot for mary and then groups flapjack and meet back up in the parking lot.

Run back towards Lockness, make a right and stop at the benches for step ups. 20 each leg.  Run to first small wall for 20 reps of butt-sit squats. Run to the next small wall for a few sets of split leg squats in cadence.

Run back toward the fitness trail and pick up a lifting rock and carry it to the parking lot. Sets of arm curls, should press, tricep  extensions and finish with the triple lindy.

Bring the rock back to the pile and mosey to the Wells Fargo parking lot for stretching and back to launch.


I am not sure if it was my age or the fear of Loogie tackling me that threw off my Q game this morning. But fortunately, I had Mic Check to remind me of this fact. I was forgetting to cue the beginning of the exercise. Mic Check wasn’t sure when to start.  At one time, neither did I.

For me, my F3 story has been driven by that question: When should I start?  I was first introduced to F3 in the Spring of 2013 via a twitter invite to post in Chapel Hill, NC. I lived in that area at the time. I thought it was some scam. It wasn’t time to start. Fast forward to December of 2014,  I am living in Charlotte, just aimlessly wandering through life, going to the Y and a buddy (who is not in F3) said “why don’t you start doing this thing called F3” I said no. It wasn’t time to start.  Then in April of 2015, a different friend said “why don’t you start doing this thing called F3” I said no again. But a day or so latter, I realized,  it was time to start. So one Tuesday morning in April, I showed up to the very parking lot where I started this morning. Not knowing anyone. Hearing all these strange things and a very loud bald guy (Market Timer) barking out commands. It was time to start. As I struggled in the back, there was Loogie. Talking to me, encouraging me, making sure I would finish what I came that morning to start.

Since that day, my F3 journey continued with that same question:

When should I start attending a 3rd F?

When should I start my first Q?

When should I start offering to Q instead of waiting to be asked?

When should I start a new AO or become a Site Q?

When should I start getting to know the other guys on a deeper level?

When should I start searching and rescuing guys in need?

When should I start offering to pray during the COT instead of shying away?

When should I start challenging other guys to grow?

When should I start running?

When, when, when….

How about now.

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MermaidPosted on3:03 pm - Oct 4, 2018

We are all better off having you among the PAX Paper Jam. Thanks for all you do for those around you.

You did forget one question, however, “When should I write my backblast?” Wouldn’t seem quite like F3 if someone didn’t give you a hard time with a 6-day gap from workout to BB

HBD (belated) and RESPECT

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