Floater Q Part 2 – Southern Belle

Floater Q Part 2 – Southern Belle

Floater was my first (VQ) effort at delivering a beat down. Reflecting back on that faithful day in August, thought I needed a “redo” to see how I have progress, not only as a Q, but from a fitness standpoint as well. Being a recent graduate from MB’s and Posse’s Q-School, improvement was bound to happen. No worries……if I were to get stuck and lose my way during the workout, MB and Posse would be there for support……..Oh wait, neither one showed. What was I going to do without my mentors? As if they pushed me out of the nest……..fly away little Southern Belle you are on your own.  The Q-School professors were using the tough love approach to see if I would sink or swim.

17 pax arrived early Thursday morning for a light workout and some social time. Well, 14 arrived early. Three showed late out of the darkness at some point during warm ups. Before time to start, lots of laughs, stories of running over mail boxes and some groans from the ones who braved Banjo’s Chisel beat down. The mood was as if no one knew of this not being a social event, we’re here to workout not talk. Oh wait…..guess we’re aloud to socialize before/after but not during the workout, my bad.

Warm Up:

Quick mosey around block and back to parking lot to pick up anyone who may have been late. As mentioned, we had three pax arrive while we were half way through the warm up.

  • SSH(IC) – 12
  • IW(IC) – 12
  • Merkins(IC) – 12
  • Potato Pickers (IC) – 12

As should be noted, all warm up exercises ended at 12…..The was a reminder to Dana and Moneyball of the beat down the Vols took against my Dawgs. The number 12……points scored. Dawgs win!!!! (38-12)


Mosey to Main Street. Explained to the pax this was going to be part 2 of my previous light pole work.

  • First block (5 light poles), 5 burpees at every light.
  • Second block (5 light poles), 10 Plank Jacks at ever light.
  • Third block (5 light poles), 10 Mountain Climbers at every light.

Mary at Dream Chasers while waiting for the 6. At this point, the mumble chatter began from the usual suspects (Recal). Not deterred, I barked out the next exercise…….lunge walk from Dream Chasers to the stop sign. At some point, Fuse spoke up…..are we really doing this again? My response…….yep. Not 15 minutes into the workout, I had a few pax on the ropes. Once we reached the stop sign at Howie Mine Rd/N Providence St, new orders were given – At every light pole, alternate 10 merkins/10 squats. Once you get to the stop sign at the other end of N Providence St, rinse and repeat. Meet back at Dream Chasers…….Mary while waiting for the 6.

As the 6 arrived (Fuse and Dancing Bear), we attacked the light poles on Main Street again.

  • First Block (5 light poles), 10 plank rotations
  • Second Block (5 light poles), 10 jump squats.
  • Third Block (5 light poles), bear crawl to each light and complete 5 hand release merkins.

The third block was a killer with a number of pax needing to modify. As the 6 arrived, everyone looked gassed. No time to waist, we have 10 minutes, let mosey. Moseyed back to the church for two hand slap cheddar shredders. Great exercise…….Epsilon introduce this exercise at one of his Q’s back in the day when we worked out at Weddington HS…..miss those days.

Still have 5 minutes to go……went to wall across from church.

  • Wall sit air jabs – 30
  • Wall sit air presses – 30
  • Donkey kicks – 20

Finished with various ab work exercises until time was up.


Great job today fellas. Fairly tough work out for me as I was gassed at the end.

Deflated is becoming a beast, front man for the entire workout.  Deadwood and Banjo seemed to be attached at the hip all morning. Not sure what you two have going but may want to include Zin.  Maddog and Recal were killing it till the end. Dough boy…..impressed, you are slimming down and increasing your speed. Not impressed…….the gloves. Those things have got to go.

Not sure what happened to Fuse and Dancing Bear.  Appear to be “modifying as needed” way too much. Believe you two are fighting the “no socializing” efforts from others. Of course, Fuse returning from his “work” vacation may have gotten him out of sink. Dancing Bear may be reeling from the previous day Banjo beat down. Not sure, everyone else can decide.

As far as my mentors not showing today (injured or not), we did not sink…….we swam!!!!! Appreciate the insight provided at q-school and tough love.

Maddog – Thanks for taking us out.


Donations for kids clothes who lost their mother in a house fire – Impromptu





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