WAMRAP comes to Dromedary

WAMRAP comes to Dromedary

AMRAP’s have meant a lot to the WUC crew over the past year on Friday’s at Impromptu, and to YHC as well. It’s a great way to push ourselves and eachother against a clock, and against some pride/insecurity.  The 1st Wednesday of every month will now be “WAMRAP” day for the Pax.

Special Disclaimer:

Given we lost Darth Visor, an F3 Brother from Alpharetta, GA, during a workout yesterday, it was appropriate to state an extended version of our Disclaimer.  We all need a reminder to be careful, to look out for each other, to keep a phone or two with us during the workout in case of emergency, and to continue to offer CPR and other courses to the Pax. Though we all work hard and through injuries/pain, our families are depending on us to get home every day. God Bless Darth Visor’s family and friends!

The Thang:

The shortest and simplest Warm-up I’ve ever led…consisted of running to the Rock Pile to acquire “Lifting Rocks”.  Definition of Lifting Rock varies significantly, since we all saw what was chosen when we got to the stations.  There was 1 Cinder Block chosen though (Rockwell). Run to the small track near the cafeteria. Instructions given on the WAMRAP, all with the customary Playlist of Songs in full effect.  Here is what we would do over the next 30 Minutes:

6 Stations of (20) Reps per station with (1) Burpee at the completion of every lap. Stations:

  1. Start with (20) Dips at the tables
  2. Bear Crawl to the Wall for (20) Donkey Kicks
  3. Run to the track for (20) Bicep Curls
  4. Run the straight-away to (20) WWII Situps
  5. Run the turn to (20) Merkins
  6. Run the straight-away to (20) Overhead Presses
  7. Up the Hill for (1) Burpee per lap

Repeat until 3o Minutes is up.

Apparently, Rockwell commented that it’s a good workout when the Running is the rest period.  We logged 2+ miles around the small track and kept moving for the entire 45 minutes. Nice work, fellas.

The Results:

Dasher took home the crown for most stations completed at 6.5, with YHC close behind him today. Thanks for the push today, Dasher, since I was done after about Lap 4.  All pushed very hard and we all have something to build on. The stations and this location of MRHS seemed to work well, and we will continue to use this AMRAP design for a few months to give more guys the chance to try it, and before changing it up.  See below:

PAX Date # Laps Completed Difference Stations:
Bratwurst 10/3/2018 4.5 1- Dips
Dana 10/3/2018 4.5 2- Donkey Kicks
Dasher 10/3/2018 6.5 3- Curls
Das Boot 10/3/2018 4.5 4- WWII Situps
Escobar 10/3/2018 5.5 5- Merkins
Goodfella 10/3/2018 6.5 6- Overhead Press
Hollywood 10/3/2018 6.1 7- Burpees (1/Lap)
Huggy Bear 10/3/2018 5.1
Johnny Utah 10/3/2018 5.1
Joy 10/3/2018 5.1
Posse 10/3/2018 4.5
Rockwell 10/3/2018 5.0
Shop Dawg 10/3/2018 4.4
Soft Pretzel 10/3/2018 4.5
The Grease Monkey 10/3/2018 4.2
Wedding Singer 10/3/2018 4.6



  • Sandbox Opportunity. Part 2 of the Travis Commodore project. Within the next week or so.  Reach out to Soft Pretzel for details.
  • F3 Service Opportunity. Eastern NC clean-up/Support for our F3 Carterico Brothers. 10/24 – 10/31.  Weekend specifically if you can make it. See Shop Dawg for details.
  • F3 Dad’s Camping Trip at Cane Creek Park in 3 weeks. Info on Slack.
  • Kid-friendly OCR in Lake Wylie through the YMCA Camp Thunderbird next weekend.
  • Graceway Baptist Church Country Fair, this Sunday 3-6pm.  Free to everyone. See Johnny Utah if interested.

YHC took us out in prayer. Please continue to pray for Darth Visor’s family.

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