Fire That Baby Up

Fire That Baby Up

11 PAX to continue with the third installment of Ignition.   Judging by the really early arrivals, most were fired up and couldn’t wait to engage in some hard work.

the WARM UP:

Run long away around to the entrance of the HS.  IW x 10 IC, Merkins x10IC

the THANG:

Continue across street into Champion Forest neighborhood, Waynewood Dr.    2 forward, 1 back with the light poles until we reach the stop sign.   At light pole going forward, 10 burpees, going back, 10 merkins.  Collect the 6

Total 50 or 60 of each (lost track)

Right on Dobson Dr. -run until hit Waynewood, 10 Mountain climbers at each light pole.  Total -way too many. Collect the 6

Left on Waynewood, 10 diamond merkins at each light pole, switch to LBC’s 90% through.

At stop sign, 2 forward, 1 back with light poles until we reach the stoplight. Forward-10 jump squats, back, 10 CDDs

Back to HS-merkins x15 IC to collect 6

Down towards track-hey look, more light poles

Suicides-3 light poles and back to start, 10 lbc’s at start.     Finally, we ran back to the start, 5 jump squats at every other pole.  Meet up with Flash at COT


Dancing Bear and Deadwood-site FNGs pushed it today. Strong first showing.

The rest of the veteran crew went nonstop and all really seemed to be moving much quicker than the last couple of weeks.   The gap is noticeably shorter between front to back.  Mumblechatter was limited today, all that energy being used up to yell out for cars, or breathe.

And best of all, pre-workout concern of a Foundation Ole Miss Nipplepolooza part 2 was apparently avoided today.

All should have gotten in at least 5 miles today.   Thanks again for the support of the new site.


Clothes closet-10/4/18, see Ice 9’s recent backblast

service opportunity-10/19 -8:30-12 Cuthbertson Middle-Career Day, message Bottlecap for details


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