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Preblast – 2019 Joe Davis Run For Recovery

Dear PAX,

It is hard to believe, but the 7th installment of the Joe Davis Run for Recovery will take place on March 9, 2019. My family and I invite you to join us, as we gather once again, to celebrate my brother Joe’s life and bring awareness to a very real problem facing our society right now, Addiction. Joe lost his 16-year battle with Addiction in the form of an accidental heroin overdose on October 4, 2009 at the young age of 28.

Unfortunately, chances are that Addiction has touched your life, either affecting your friends or your family. Our family has chosen to turn the tragedy of Joe dying into a triumph in the form of spreading a message of HOPE. There is help for those who struggle with Addiction and other mental health issues. The race benefits Keystone Substance Abuse Services, York County’s authority on substance abuse.

F3 and FiA support has been the cornerstone of this race’s success and most of you know that it has been on one of the coldest days of the year most years when it was held in January. It was so cold last year that my family and I made the decision afterward to try a new race date. Our message of HEALTH, HOPE and HEALING needs to be far-reaching and to include the youth, which we felt the cold has kept home when the weather is not favorable. So, we chose March 9. It will likely still be cold, but bearable.

The race will offer 1 Mile Fun Run, 5k and 10k options. The course is the same as in recent years and it will be held at Walter Elisha Park in Fort Mill, SC.

Please help spread the word.

I believe that we are making a difference, slowly but surely. I know the race has directly impacted the PAX and I want to ask that, if you feel led to share your story, please let me know. I believe the impact of a first-hand story would be incredibly helpful to show our mission is working.

This pre-blast is being written very early primarily to get the word out about the initial lowest prices for the race so the PAX and their families can take advantage.

Race prices will never be less than they are right now, through 10/31/18. Please consider signing up now. Not only does it save you money, it really helps us with planning a great event!

Please help me spread the word as the event gets closer.

Sign ups are at

We are also seeking sponsors. If you know of someone this cause may be close to, who would like to get involved, please message me.

With gratitude,

Rock Thrill

Lieutenant Damn

Warm Up:

Started with a nice mosey up to the rock pile at the entrance.  Partner up and one partner grabs a lifting rock. Mosey back to the circle in Nesbit Park.  Quick Disclaimer and welcome to our new FNG.  On to a little warm-up time.

  • Side straddle hops
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Slow squats
  • Merkins
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Hold – Calf Stretch
  • Potato pickers
  • Arm in Front Stretch

The Thang:

So,  the funny thing is I had my virtual weinke in Evernote which included TWO Lieutenant Dan’s and an additional exercise on the stairs.  However, as you’ll learn the first LD took quite some time.  Okay, on to the fun.

  1. Partner One runs to the entrance of Nesbit while the other works. The morning’s mission was 200 Curls, 200 Tricep Extensions, 200 Curl to Press, 200 Front Raises.  This was just about as tough as I thought it would be.  The run to the entrance helped account for covering about 3.5 miles in total.  At least that’s what the Crapple Watch said on the HIIT setting.
  2. Lieutenant Dan – These are always a total smoke show.  By the time you get to the end of the circle, the numbers are borderline asinine.  Today we had 18 Pax, so you can do the math.  Finishing at 72 backward lunges….ugh.
  3. Well the rocks had to go back…so 1/2 of each pair ran the rocks back on rubbery legs while the other partner finished the last two sets in the LD circle.


COT and announcements.  We had an FNG today, brought up by Deadwood.  This was Deadwood’s father-in-law who wound up with a pretty ballin’ F3 name of Chainsaw.  Welcome Chainsaw!  Nice job being a bringer Deadwood.  We had a marked lack of announcements today.  Posse brought up the blue plate special pricing on next March’s Joe Davis run if you sign-up early.  Also, there was mention of the 11/9 Great Wolf Lodge F3 event, if you want to sign up.  Of course we can’t forget to mention the Bone Frog Challenge on 11/10 (our beloved Marine Corps Birthday as well).  Goodfella took us out with a prayer.



Keep it under 2 miles.  That was the only message I got from Bean for my Q instructions. OK,  I can do that.  Load of the car with my rods and head to the fishing hole.

WU: Mosey to the top of the deck,  20 SSH, 10 Merkins, 10 IW, and 10 Cherry pickers

The thang: Mosey back to the fishing hole and grab a rod and a kettle bell (will come back to the rods later)  Mosey back to the deck

Partner up,  P1 at the bottom with the steel rods,  P2 moseys up to the top deck with a KB and does 10 Swings,  runs back down to P1 to swap with Rod exercise as the timer.

Round 1-  150 Squat thrusters

Round 2- 150 Merkin Rows

Round 3- 200 Curls

Finish mosey back to top for some big boy sit ups while handing the rods back and forth.  And that is where it went south, really south!


Rods who would have thought a 30lb, 20″ rod would have gotten so much attention but as you could imagine, men should be very careful with their rods. Add Steel Kettle Bells (which quickly transitioned to “balls”) the atmosphere quickly became non 2.0 friendly.  In any case, it was funny and the pax muscled through 60 big boy situps with a rod that each other could share:)  You let your mind take you to where you think how that went.

Last,  Mad respects as there were 5 yes, 5 respects and we did finish with 1.7 miles (according to my watch) and 26 flights of stairs which elevated the heart rates.  It was a fun pax to be part of an I was honored to lead.  Appreciate you gents and you can use my rods anytime you want!  Bean you should have been there!


Was that a Scream?

Nice cool morning in the gloom. YHC was laughed at for wearing pants. Smokey rocks up wearing shorts and a T somehow thinking we were going to play Ultimate 2 weeks in a row. Slim 7 PAX… did the 42 degrees or no ultimate have anything to do with it? Stone Cold and 49er weren’t scared as they got some extra credit with pre run up Horsey.  YHC asks 49er the time… “I’ve got 5:30″… Disclaimer and we are off…


Side-straddle Hops x 15 IC

Imperial Walkers x 15 IC

Hillbillies x ??? IC (YHC started doing IC like a hillbilly and got ahead of himself)

Mosey over to bleachers above football field.


Thang 1

Big loop around CC campus with 4 pain stations along the way…

Station 1: Dips x 20 OYO

Station 2: Jump Squats x 20 OYO

Station 3: Wall sits with air presses x 20 OYO

Station 4: Merkin x 20 OYO

Rinse and repeat, except for audible for x 15 Jump Squats OYO

Rinse and repeat again…. that was the plan until the detour began. One of the PAX said “Did you hear that?” “WAS THAT A SCREAM?” Then we heard it a second time coming from the woods beyond the football field. The investigation ensued, mainly due to Smokey’s big heart and courage. In the end we are pretty sure it was some wild animal making a very eerie sound. Smokey prayed and we got back to business….


Thang 2

Ran a lap around the track to clear our head then to center of football field.

4 corners with a partner begins. After each corner to center for partner hand slap merkins x 10

Stomich first then Round 2 Upper and Lower body

Corner 1: Dollies x 20 / Burpees x 10

Corner 2: Flutters x 20 / Dry Docks x 20

Corner 3: Freddies x 20 / Lounges x 20

Corner 4: LBCs x 20 / Squats or Monkey Humpers x 20

Mosey out of stadium to playground where we did 10 pull-ups OYO

Mosey back to launch where we did 10 burpees OYO


Slumdog took us out nicely before sharing an encouraging update on a PAX who’s wife had a severe heart attack recently… they thought several times they were going to lose her. Many were praying for her. Doctor is saying it is a miracle that she is still alive. Testimony of the power of God through prayer. Let us love deeply and hold tightly this weekend those closest to us.


YHC was glad he gave a full disclaimer when we found ourselves all running towards the woods and scream (so we thought)

Was good to have 49er two weeks in a row, although he had to exit early….. “because he’s a trader or something” Stone Cold comments.

Was great to see all the PAX that were present and put in a good workout together. Great to hear all the mumblechatter, especially among Yeti and Smokey.

Wild 45 mins. I’m sure YHC missed something.



“Time to Thrash!”

Cool enough this am to wear sleeves and hat. I chose my Rat Bones skateboarding beenie which led to an impromptu Bones Brigade / Powell Peralta / Santa Barbara conversation with Puddin Pop. Once Horesehead heard enough, the rally cry rang out, “Time to Thrash” at the 5:30am mark….so off we went.

Leaving to the lower lot, two stragglers were pulling in and caught up to us in time for COP warm up: SSH, IW, Romanian Deadlifts with Merkin variations OYO in between. We continued around the church to the lacrosse field where cones and cinder blocks awaited. As most know, 3-man Grinders are a favorite of mine. Two groups had four, fortunately I had 8 cinder blocks so no one got off easy. We changed exercises intermittently: merkins, squats, squat jumps, curls, overhead press, lunges and good mornings on either sides. Some of those combos required the cinder block to be carried between while others used it for the exercise. It didn’t take long to realize this may have been the wettest field ever…not sure why. We cut it a little short to avoid any real damage. Hopefully all the sunshine today sprang it back to shape (might need to audible next time). We left there for the tennis court hot-box for a quick circuit on the benches: dips, step-ups, derkins, 3 sets of 20 each. That was rough! Back to parking lot for a few quick sprints to stretch it out a bit, then mosey back launch for mary. Various PAX had a turn to choose an exercise with two highlights being Squid selecting something from his Mens Journal magazine collection. We called it the Rockette (but in a reverse crab walk pose…seriously); and Fletch introduced a very slow merkin that no one liked. Other choices were Flutter, LBC, Russian Twist, Freddie Mercury…maybe one more. So not to be called out by anyone, I added 10 merkins OYO to use our full alotted time.

Excellent morning, cool enough but warmed up quickly once we started moving. Thanks to everyone who showed up and thanks to Puddin Pop for the takeout prayer; thoughts and prayers to his friend who went into brain surgery today.

*New Site* Announcement – SOBland: GENESIS (Monday’s) 0515 – Strength/Bootcamp Combo

Making last minute plans for this upcoming Monday, 10/22? We have you covered. Yes, Monday’s usually suck and signal the beginning of another week on the grind. With running workouts and traditional boot-camps a plenty every other day of the week, Genesis will offer up a unique option to start the week uniting the meatheads with the fleet of feet.

Although embracing the boot camp style workout, there will be a focus each week on building in a strength component. This will not be a full session of gear (kettlebells, tires, jump ropes, sleds etc.) but may include these as part of the strength component. More details below:

Launch spot will be the same as Blakovery, Brixx Restaurant in Blakeney (park near the fountains)

Start time = 0515 and will run until 0600 before re-grouping with the Blakovery group for 15min of stretching, because it’s important and something a majority of us ignore post workout.

Monday workout will be followed by Coffeteria at the Chik-Fil-A in Blakeney, where I owe Fredo breakfast at some point for the “Genesis” name.

Over & Out

-General_ & One-Niner

Swan’s Run Loop (definitely not a quarter mile)

Off to Swan’s Run Road and Back

The Pax: Daisy, Marge, Sleepy, Queen, Run Stopper, Tacking Dummy, Deep Dish, Harley, One Eye, Leprechaun, Puddin Pop, Cheese Curd

12 Men gathered as Daisy, former Hydra regular and now card carrying member of Copperhead, had the Q.

Here’s how it went:

With no disclaimer given, we immediately took off on a ½ mile plus run down Rae Road then up Swans Run Rd (I was asking myself if we were back at SOFAWIB).

Then the Warm Up exercises:

20 SSH

10 Low Slow Merkins

Next, we partnered up. Partner One did the ¼ mile plus run (Editor’s Note: it was definitely 0.4 mile loop, not a 1/4 mile loop) around Circle’s End Circle. Partner Two did walking lunges. Once Partner One caught Partner two, flapjack. Repeat twice.

Then we did a Jack Web type exercise from one pushup to six. Brief rest. Back down five to one.

Monkey humpers in cadence X30

Indian Run back to the Church

Pick up lifting rock from the creek

Squat rotation 10 count (no one understood when Daisy explained, I’ll try my best below)

25 LBC

Squat rotation 5 count

On your own, run back to OP parking lot


That was the first sub 70 degree morning we’ve had at Hydra since like March. I showed 49 degrees at the start. Good to see Daisy out to Q. We put in a little over 3 miles total. Cheese Curd was right, at least give us a little heads up before we start running off to Lord knows where. Actually we have been back in that area, about a year or so ago when Sleeping Cow had us running for the full 45 min.

Yeah, so the squat thing with the rocks. We got in a circle. Everybody went down in a squat, holding their rock while  one person counted to 10. We went back up to starting position and repeated for each member of the pax as they counted to 10. There should be an easy name for that, but if there is, I don’t know it.

Monkey humpers in cadence are brutal. I think Daisy might have been the only person that actually completed them all.

The Jack Web wasn’t a true Jack Web. Since Run Stopper was there, and it’s rumored that he was the person that originated the Jack Web, I think Daisy modified it to avoid Copyright infringement.

Thanks for Puddin Pop for the take out.

Cat Call

Cooler temps this morning. Lots of sleeves, but no tights. Gloves were prevalent. About dang time if you ask YHC. 21 men, including YHC, assembled at Centurion. Co-site Q, Margo, planted the shovel flag. Solid mumblechatter prior to launch. YHC gave the 1-minute warning and dead silence ensued. Never seen that before. FNG was welcomed, group was disclaimed (Haze called it weak; noted), and off we went.


Mosey up through campus. Scabby joined us at the buses. Right into the cut through to Chipotle. Cross 51. Circle up in front of Amelie’s.


Imperial Walkers x 15 IC

Mountain Climber x 15 IC

Merkin x 20 IC

Squat x 15 IC

5 Hand-Release Burpees OYO

Peter Parker x 15 IC

Plank Jack x 10 IC

Low Plank Jack x 10 IC

Mosey up Carmel Commons Blvd to Palatine Hill. Al Gore to regroup and provide the next workout suggestion.

Palatine Triple Nickle

Run up Palatine. 5 Knee Slap Jump Squats. Run down Palatine. 5 Hand-Release Burpees. 5 Repetitions.

Mary to wait on six. Flutter x 20 IC. LBC x 15. Heels to Heaven x 10 IC. At 10, AYG to far street lamp.

High Plank. Right arm high/Right leg high/Swap/Elbows/Right Leg High. On YHC command, AYG to base of Palatine.

Mary: High Flutter x 15 IC/Hold 6 inches/Freddie Mercury x 15 IC/Protractor/Hold 6 inches.

Group asked for volunteer to provide the F3 mission to our FNG. Chelms jumped in, flawlessly. T-claps

Mosey back down Carmel Commons. Right at 51. Cross at cross walk. Mosey to benches in front of the building.

Meat and Potatoes Loop

Bench Set: 15 step or Jump Up/15 Dips/15 Derkins

Mosey to Tartarus (Parking Deck), Stairwell 1. 15 Jump Squat. Ascend Stairwell 1 to Level 4. 15 Donkey Kicks. Run to Stairwell 2 on Level 4. 15 Carolina Dry Docks. Descend Stairwell 2 to ground Level. 15 Calf Raises (Marconi request). Run back to Benches.

Repeato x 2 OYO All You Got (AYG)

Mary/Core: Dolly x 20 IC/LBC x 20 IC/High Plank/Merkin x 10 IC.

AYG to launch lot.



A random woman hollered at us in COP. Not sure what she said, but one of the PAX replied that it was indeed a cat call.

Kotters to Chelms,Abacus, and Shoe. Great to have you all back out at Centurion. Chelms has been traveling, Shoe is battling a nagging knee issue, and Abacus has early morning commitments. He is your Q next week. YHC and Margo, co-site Q’s, both DR next Friday.

Kotters to Fire Marshall Bill. He cut out early.

Welcome to FNG, Snuffy. CCHS alumni brought out by another CCHS alum, HIPAA. Glad to have Snuffy join us. Solid work today. Look forward to seeing him back out soon. YHC introduced himself prior to the workout. Snuffy was surprised to meet Mermaid at 5:24am. Next was Utah. Apparently, HIPAA did not give much pre-intel to his buddy. After finding out the name deal, Snuffy proceed to tell the group about his high school nickname. Not the best idea. YHC tried the same thing.

As usual, Haze was talking smack to the Q. Weak disclaimer, an on-edge Q, etc. Champagne told YHC he is predictable. Fair enough. Margo called the Triple Nickel on Palatine. Yep, called a lot by the Q. Remember, it was YHC who brought this little set to life at Anvil back in the day. Some of you may have been there. It did the trick this morning to get the heart rate up early on.

Lorax and Brilleaux leading the way this morning. Brushback getting quickly back into form with regular posting. Up front on the Triple Nickel. Rest of the Pax bunched up not too far back. Strong work from all, minus the refuseniks on the plank Jacks (Haze), low plank Jacks (Haze), HR Burpees (Utah). As disclaimed, modify as necessary. At least YHC did not call SSH. Couldn’t bear to see 14% (we all know who they are) of the PAX refusenik that one. Disclaimer: poking fun here. Fully understand you need to (and should) modify as necessary to avoid injury. Rather have you out here than at home nursing injury.

Thankful for this morning with you men. Strong work out there. Awesome start to the day. Always an honor to lead. Q #123. T-claps to Hops for the takeout. Continue to pray for Jennings Palmer, Bout Time’s son, in his recovery from cancer. Also, Cooter in his cancer treatment and for FNG Snuffy’s father, today, as he has a heart procedure.


Charlotte Marathon 5K.  11/3. Speed for Need is pushing 4 Chariots. Looking for a big F3 group to run with them. Check it out. YHC did it last year for the relay. It was awesome.

Billingsville Elementary outreach. Tuesdays 4:30. Read to the kids. Alexander Graham MS Tutoring will start soon. Will be Tuesdays at 5:00. Hit up Chelms if you can help:

Early Registration for Joe Davis Run for Recovery through 10/31. Lowest price for the 5K/10K race 03/09/2019 in Fort Mill. This race benefits Keystone Substance Abuse Center in Rock Hill, SC. 7th year. Rock Thrill and the Davis Family started this race to honor their brother and son, Joe Davis, who died from an accidental overdose. $ raised goes directly to fighting addiction in our community. Please consider supporting this race and cause. Register HERE






Sisterhood of the Traveling Plates

14 at the Peak, legs feeling weak.  I still can’t feel my left rear cheek.


What had happened:

  • Warmup running with funky fresh freestylin
  • Lounge walk down the hill
  • Hairburner team relays, teams of 4 or 5.  Burn hair while your homies pretend to exercise.  Roll over and get out the way when your legs die or get plowed over by the Nomad/Sensei steamroller .
  • We did several variations of this, with Mary for the six.
  • Lounge walk up the hill, not good.
  • Sprint Gassers until somebody larfed by the curb, really not good.


What had really happened:

Sorry for the late blast.  It was not a nice day to spend 7 hours in the car.  Where are those inflatable pants when need them?

On another note, I did make the drive through Bishopville, SC today – home of the Lizard Man of Lee County.  Ask Lois what happened to his cousin’s dog . . . but he might get a little emotional.

Speaking of an emotional Lois, it was nice to see Stone Cold get greeted with the full on hug and heroes welcome.  It must be nice to be traveling celebrity guest pax.  Tweetsie looked a little jealous for a second, but who can fault the guy?

I thought about Sensei not being able to handle this type of a workout for about 3 seconds.  What was I thinking?  The man is an inspiration to me.  I bet he could make Chuck Norris flinch . . . well, maybe once.

I was really looking forward to spending some time with Slim Fast and his pile of coats and hats today, but I heard he was out hustling some golf in the desert.  Loser has to be on his BRR team # 17.

Swiss Miss won’t cheat a rep, and he does it all with good form.  Lots of slerkins and murpees out there, but he ain’t going for it.  I wish he’d come out and play at the other workouts.

Do you ever think about Tom and Jerry?  They are basically two cartoon animals beating the absolute hell out of each other, over and over.   I think about it sometimes.  Do they even have cartoons now?

When the winter weather hits, you never know how much clothing to wear.  A lot of guys start out with the long sleeves, and then ditch the top layer mid workout.  You can tell if you have a good Q going if the layers start coming off early.  What I don’t see much of are those camping pants where you can zip the legs off and then BOOM, shorts.  I need to give those a go.


Gotta go eat this Aldi chocolate bar I have hidden in my closet.




– HH









“That’s a BAD IDEA fellas”

10 PAX nearly got mauled by a pack of rabid German Shepherds at #TheFloater.  Or at least that is what flashed before the eyes of one very surprised gentleman on the mean streets of downtown Waxhaw.

YHC rolled into the parking lot with one eye open after staying up late and nodding off watching the Red Sox win yet another crazy game.  #5MoreWins.  Following the Red Sox motto, my intent was to #DoDamage.


  • Mosey to the other side of the tracks to open parking lot near Waxhaw Women’s Club (get your mind out of the gutter . . . not that type)
  • Stuttering disclaimer given
  • SSH x 20
  • Imperial Squawkers x 10
  • Merkins x 10
  • MC x 15
  • Plank Jacks x 20
  • One-legged knee dips x 12 (most PAX quit at 10 . . . #NoHalt)


  • Start the mosey to Mount Thin Mint (aka “Bad Idea”)
  • As we turn the corner, a gentleman was walking 3 BIG German Shepherds on the sidewalk
  • He just kept saying “That’s a bad idea fellas!”
  • We each stopped to pet the adorable creatures quickly hopped off the sidewalk and ran by him on the street
  • Continue to the school while discussing if that dog walker was a prophet and he really meant WHAT WE ARE ABOUT TO DO is a bad idea
    • Wall-sit with air presses x 30
    • Supines x 20
    • Railing squats x 20
    • Supines x 20
  • Continue to Mount Thin Mint for some partner work
    • 200 Merkins and 300 Squats
    • P1 runs up hill to cemetery and considers taking a dirt nap returns to flapjack until total reps complete
  • Mosey to back of school for more partner work
    • P1 does side steps ups on Jersey Barrier blocks
    • P2 does railing crawl up ramp + 10 supines and returns to Flapjack
    • 4 reps each
  • Mosey back to start with some plank work and an AYG run up to the smell of Bacon bridge


  • Smaller crowd with less mumblechatter for sure
  • Most of the talk centered around the dogs and the Bad Idea premonition
  • Great to see Rudy and EHarmony back out after some time away
  • Nice work by Dana throughout, especially the last AYG run up the hill . . . He commented that I gave him a double take when I saw him chase me down . . . #SprintingForBacon
  • Well done by Foundation and Dancing Bear setting the pace all day
  • Doughboy continues to say he is a Clydesdale but he’s shedding his mane quickly . . . Would have been fun to get Bread Bowl’s commentary on the dogs
  • Southern Belle was in a full stretch on the railing crawl . . . #DidIHearAGoodfellaJoke
  • Posse and Xerox were sneaky fast on the hill today


  • THIS SUNDAY at 10:30am:  Forest Hill is holding an outdoor service at Cane Creek Park.  David Chadwick will be preaching live (see Dana for more details)