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The Bricks Go Where You GO

Chiseled is off and running now at Five Stones Church and we couldn’t ask for a better Host for our group.  The pastor has been out a couple of times to welcome us and today we picked up a fng from their bible study.  As a site Q it has been great to watch the different styles of leadership and the different uses of equipment each Q has brought so far to Chiseled.  Fuse Box and myself will keep adding equipment and different ideas to our awesome playground at Five Stone.  Speaking of awesome playground, the lighting seems to draw in the pre-runners as we have noticed a huge up tick in pre-workout runners.   Of course the final weigh in this morning had some Clydesdales out huffing and puffing early.

Warm Up:

It’s Chiseled so let’s grab those bricks for our opening Mosey!  Bricks didn’t seem bad at first but the grip started to go after awhile.  Circle up for 15 SSH, 15 IW’s, 15 Merkins, stretch it out, grab those bricks 15 curls, 15 Upright rows, 15 presses

The Thang:

Mosey to front entrance of Five Stones with bricks of course and back to start Island running. Each island do 5 Thrusters x 5 Islands on the way back jump squats.  Curls and Presses with bricks until the 6 is in.  Partner up: hand slap merkins x 10 on the way down, x 5 on the way back as our shoulders started to give out.  Next head to the rock pile and grab a rock between the two partners.  Back to Island Fun, 10 thrusters each island while partner holds a plank then switch, carry the rock to the next island rinse and repeat for all 5 Islands.  Curl and presses on the way back.  Overhead tricep extensions until the 6 isn in.  Let’s move on to Mount Chiseled!  Partner 1 : burpees with the bricks(looked much more fun on video last night as I drank a beer and designed this workout on the back of a kid’s menu at Hickory Tavern) while partner 2 runs around Mount Chiseled.  After 2 rounds and some nasty looks we finished up with 1 round of curl/presses.  Grab your bricks and Mosey back to COT.


I heard quite a few this morning say it’s crazy how much adding a little weight make such a difference when doing these exercises.  I think that’s Chiseled in a nutshell.  Adding weight and gear design exercises should get us all out of our comfort zone and start putting on the extra muscle.  I’ve heard from a few already that the soreness is setting in today so I count that as a Chiseled success.  Don’t blame me, blame the bricks.


Bible Study at Five Stones immediately following Chiseled

New FNG named Raggedy Ann

BoneFrog Nov 10th

Keep bringing Dancing Bear soap, shampoo, toiletries etc…..

Winner Winner Not Quite Chicken Dinner – But enjoy a slim glass of Zin

21 Men participated in the 2018 Flash Weight Loss Competition and a combined 275 lbs were dropped equaling a 5.74% loss over the last 8 weeks.  Great Job all around but now it is time to announce our winners and podium finishers:

Top % Loss:

  1. Zinfandel (-12.6%)
  2. Chicken Little (-11.6%)
  3. Doughboy (-11.3%)

Top Total LBS Lost:

  1. Zinfandel (-31.8)
  2. Doughboy (-31.7)
  3. Fuse Box (-27.8)

Team Results:

  1. Briarcrest
  2. Others
  3. Lawson


Now let’s see review the recap of where each of the 21 participants finished and who will be required to complete the 200 burpee punishment:

  1. Zinfandel (-12.6%, 31.8 lbs)  – Was in the lead pack the whole way and is the overall champ in both total % loss and total lbs lost.  Was able to do all this despite a late push from others to derail the competition by sending him to Denver for 4 days and having his wife make lasagna the night prior to final weigh ins.  No matter the obstacle he prevailed.  Kudos and great job!
  2. Chicken Little (-11.6%, 26.6 lbs) – A late surge has earned him a silver medal.  Some speculate it could be due to the nerves with his VQ coming up on Monday at Flash, but either way this chicken truly molted and dropped some serious Lbs.
  3. Dough Boy (-11.3%, 31.7 lbs) – Lawson’s Top Finisher and was 1 article of clothing away from being the Overall LBS Lost Champ.  We all thank him for not removing said articles as Deadwood would  have better vision then those who were in attendance for weigh ins this morning.  Great Podium Finish
  4. Fuse Box (-10.9%, 27.8 lbs) –  The Captain of Briarcrest finished #3 in overall weight loss and within 1% of podium finish for top % loss.  He managed a clean game and was able to ensure victory for his squad.  Word is the next client dinner is going to be a douse and could cause trouble for him when he submits his next expense report.
  5. Dana (-9.9%, 25.4 lbs) – Hit record low weight in last 3 yrs, and also caught a case of the Fuse’s  when dreaming of his next meal of pizza tacos and burgers – “donifini” .  Not sure if that is all wrapped up in one burrito or if he is doing a dinner bang bang by going for pizza first and then going to mexican restaurant for burritos.  Either way well deserved cheat meal coming your way!
  6. Wedding Singer (-9.8%, 27.4 lbs) –  One of 6 to finish with a total loss of 20+ lbs.  He was putting in the work and racking up the miles and is determined to continue the push.  Looks like this is only the starting point and we are eager to see where it goes.  Until then as he says in the movie –  “Now let’s cut the stupid cake because I know the fat guy’s gonna have a heart attack if we don’t eat again soon [fat guy shrugs] And while we do that here’s a little mood music for you”
  7. Tupperware (-5.5%, 11.2 lbs) – *As this weight is only a guess, but we can clearly see the transformation.  Unlike most of the former Clydesdale in the group he found a way to stay away from the free queso and continue to see the weight come off.  Now if he could only find a way not to stay away from workouts in mornings we can applaud the effort.  Great job 2.0!
  8. Jingles (-4.6%, 11.6 lbs) – Jingles had his DRS (only F1 fans would know about this) button glowing and was able to pass his way into the 3’s this morning.  He moved up the ladder and secured a spot among the Top 11 who are not required to perform burpees.
  9. Damascus (-4.1%, 9.8 lbs)  – Hovering right at double digit loss, believe the 0.2 lbs could be attributed to sitting in tree stand waiting for deer and eating extra jerky.  Tip for next year competition, you are only able to eat what you hunt.  If that is case, we will be visiting Damascus in the anorexia ward
  10. Foundation (-3.9%, 8.8 lbs) – Couple bad beats with timing of brother bachelor party, wedding, and weekend getaway but was able to sneak in to Top 10 and avoid penalty.
  11. Run Flat (-3.8%, 9.2 lbs) – And our first participant who owes 200 burpees.  Tough beat when you are close to 10 lbs lost, and have to complete punishment.
  12. Dancing Bear (-3.5%, 8.2 lbs) – Tough to win a weight loss competition when enjoying the caviar, lobster, and other fine cuisines that come with rolling high class in limos.
  13. Southern Belle (-3.3%, 6.2 lbs) – Just like UGA this year appears to be outside of the Top Playoff spots
  14. Banjo (-3.2%, 7.8 lbs) – Found it harder to part with the extra weight then a WVU grad breaking off the wedding with his cousin
  15. Schneider (-3.1%, 7.2 lbs) – Rumored has it that all that participate drink for free at new watering hole opening up in Waxhaw.  Details to follow
  16. Shake & Bake (-2.6%, 6 lbs) – If you are not first you are last Ricky Bobby.
  17. Posse (-2.29%, 5.2 lbs) –
  18. Rubbermaid (-2.28%, 4 lbs) – After we get access to the family calendar, can you grant us access to your food journal? This way the Playhouse can assist with dietary choices.
  19. Breadbowl (-2.0%, 3 lbs) – We all need more Breadbowl in our workouts for comedic relief, will fun to see Zin counting off his 200 burpees while eating pizza and providing “encouragement”
  20. Eli (-1.6%, 3.3 lbs) – Supposedly was doing lines of Oreos after Golden Tate joined his squad yesterday
  21. Maple Syrup (-1.2%, 2.8 lbs) – IR put damper on ability to compete, looking forward to next year’s run



Return to North Face

13 men arrived at Anvil this Halloween morning. 12 in vehicles and Haze on foot. #Beast. Disclaimer provided by the Q. Still trying to hunt down the shovel flag for Anvil. YHC thinks the Cyborg has it in his garage. Attempts to contact have not been reciprocated with a response. Overdraft pulled in during the initial mosey.


Mosey up and down the vast parking lots of Calvary. Circle up down towards the thoroughfare.


IW x 15 IC

MC x 15 IC

Peter Parker x 15 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

Low Slow Squat x 20 IC

Mosey up to the church picnic area. Grab a bench to start the preview round.

4-Stop Circuit

  1. Bench Set: 10 Jump Up/10 Incline Merkin/10 Dips/5 Box Jump Burpees
  2. Entrance to North Face: 30 Dolly
  3. Base of North Face: 20 Squat Jacks. Run up North Face.
  4. Top of NF: 10 H-R Burpees. Run back to picnic area.

Repeat x 3 AYG

Mary at top of North Face to regroup. LBC x 15 IC/Flutter x 15 IC

Mosey over to the Avenue of Trees at end nearest church.

Run the Avenue with a stop at each tree on right. 5 Merkins

Run the Avenue with a stop at every other tree. 5 Jump Squat

Plank. AYG down the Avenue. Plank. AYG down the Avenue.

Plank-o-rama. Several moves at high plank/low plank/elbows. Haze called out the Q, stating, “Don’t you do it,” on the low plank. Q did not do it. Low Plank Jacks, that is.

Mosey over to launch lot. A few minutes ahead of schedule.

AYG down the parking lot. Plank to low Plank. Low Plank Jack x 10 IC. AYG back to cars.

Rosalita x 20 IC



Not a ton of chatter this morning heard by the Q. Haze did take a few moments to comment on Ickey’s Dolly form. 90 degree bend at knees is not Haze’s accepted form. Ickey ignored him. Speaking of Ickey, Burpee-free October is now done. Strictly adhered to today, and every other day this month as far as YHC observed. A man of his convictions. It is a real thing for him, apparently.

North Face has been neglected at Anvil for some time. Probably for good reason, but we paid a visit today.

As noted above, Haze ran in. YHC commented on it and he noted that he did so to get an actual workout. #SmackTalk

Scabby, Lorax, Snuka, Brushback pushing on the pace. Lorax rolled his ankle at the Avenue of Trees rather than North Face. Surprising.

Moana and Coco are posting on the regular at Anvil. Both getting after it today. Another Puddin Pop sighting at Anvil.

Overdraft, Champagne, and Utah all getting it done. Utah may have modified on a few of the burpees. Fair enough.

Solid crew out today and every week at Anvil. Appreciate the opportunity to lead and thankful for the ability to do so. Strong work today men.

T-claps for the takeout from Lorax


Speed for Need: Charlotte Marathon 5K Saturday at 7:30. Romare Bearden Park near uptown. Go out and show support.

Area 51 Christmas Party. 12/1/2018. Seaboard in Matthews. Brown Bag catering. Will be a fun evening.

F3 Turkey Drive in effect. Apologies, cannot find the link on Twitter. F3Metro initiative. EDIT: Beaver is F3 Q. To donate, send $20 (or multiples of $20 to Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal:


The Lumpy Starfish

14 Pax were treated to some cool temps and hilly running this morning.

The Thang 

Mosey out of the parking lot. Left on Providence. Cross over to the other side of Providence and continue down it. Right on Lakeside Drive. Go until Lakeside meets up with Valley Road and Alpine Circle. Stop there for instructions. This point would become the center of a starfish. This particular starfish had four legs. Leg one was the far end of Lakeside. Leg two was the end of Valley. Leg three was the other end of Lakeside at Providence. And leg four was the end of Alpine. Starting in the center, run to the end of leg one, turn around and come back. When you get back to the center, 20 jump squats. Repeat with legs two, three, and four. Actually, keep repeating the one, two, three, four pattern until 6:05 when we would meet up to head back to the launch. That’s it.

Naked Moleskin    

Great work today gentlemen. That’s a south Charlotte hidden gem. There’s not a flat spot to be found back in there. The downside is that it is quite dark in several places. Hence the call for headlamps. Hope everyone enjoyed.

Utah writes the Weinke

The site Q still has failed to furnish a SF for Hawk’s Nest.  Somebody should talk to him about that. Nevertheless, the pax were quickly disclaimed (or something like that) and 18 launched for another flight at the oversized AO on Tuesday morning.

The Thang & Ye Olde Moleskine:

Alf was LIFO & made his way over to the mustered pax that included a veteran crew with a mix of newbies, including a couple pax (Taco Stand & Beer Pong) for their first flight from the Hawk’s Nest.  Welcome brothers, though Beer Pong is moving to Nashville in a few weeks….perhaps due to the crop dusting that happened on the brick bridge during People’s Chair & Wallthar N’Djayie.  Come on man!

Deep Dish was wearing something peculiar on his head..methinks it might have been his M’s modified running earmuffs.  Just thankful you posted on a sub 40 degree morning.  If you post again in these temps, you must wear the Coach Mitchka sweater.  #dabears

The backblast title is true…sort of.  After the first bear climb and jog across the gym building on what would be the 1st of 3 sets — Utah says to YHC – is this the 1st of a set?  Yes.  He then proceeded to ask if it would include burpees of some kind & number on the track?  Yes.  What makes that weird is that this was the only portion of the workout that YHC had on the pre-launch Weinke.  Utah name change to “Nostradamus”?

Mailman with back-to-back posts this week.  T-claps young man.  Pretty sure he was WB.

As for WD – that would be Snowflake.  He introduced Walthar N’Djaiye to YHC a few years ago, and how could I not share it with the rest of you?  You’re welcome.

Bulldog and Puddin’ should start a Premier League podcast targeted at college football lovin’ pax who don’t appreciate the finer aspects of the sport.  They could broadcast/tape it from The Lodge, which is now the new Tottenham Spurs fan club locale for Charlotte.  Just make sure the manager there doesn’t hear any of it.  He would stomp on the recording device and wipe his rear end with Bulldog’s Spurs kit.

Hopper wearing a hoodie today.  I think Deep Dish was jealous.  And it was a “Salty Dog” hoodie at that – Puddin’ read the fine print as he walked up the ramp while Hopper was bear crawling.  Hope you have good eyesight Puddin’, otherwise you were a bit close…

Spackler was relatively cordial this morning though his “boring” chant during the high slow flutters caused YHC to laugh a bit.

HIPAA might have been the only pax wearing short sleeves and no hat of any kind, but again Puddin’ may have been in that camp as well.

Marge was overdressed as was Beer Pong.  Hammer was not though he typically would be in full sweatsuit at this point in the year.

Sprockets and O’ Tannenbaum were putting in real work as usual.

Mermaid was sharing fishing stories with Hopper during the burpee broad jumps.

And all was right with the world….at least our Area51 corner of it.

YHC loves Q’ing the pax, and thankful to God for the fellowship.  Be in prayer for Butler HS and all involved in that yesterday.  Hug your wife/significant other and your kids, and remind them the world was not always like this and will not always be.

At the end of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Return of the King, Sam asks a powerful question: “Is everything sad going to come untrue?”   The answer to that my brothers is: Yes.



Sat., Nov. 10th – Vagabond (Southern Discomfort + Balrog) ~ 13 miles.  First stop is at Hawk’s Nest

Sat., Dec. 1st – Area 51 Christmas party at Seaboard, catered by Uncle Rico’s Brown Bag

4LEX: Bagpipe Backblast

14 PAX gathered for the Lex Luthor modified AMRAP… most of us were overdressed for the 42 degree temps.   There was a lot of complaining about sore Crane relay legs and Packers fumbles. Obviously the Red Sox and Patriots won, so there were little comments there. Kirby said he looked like a baby giraffe walking down the stairs this weekend and the look continues into Tuesday morning!

2.7 miles covered and here is what we did:

One of the 30 Ballantyne ponds was our loop with two stations at either end of the approx .25 mile track… We repeated each station 3 times, with various Mary called waiting on the six – some of my reps may be off, but here is what I remember……

  • Station 1: 15 Burpees – Station 2: 20 Merkins
  • Station 1: 20 Diamond Merks – Station 2: 25 Single Leg Lunges
  • Station 1: 30 Carolina Dry Docks – Station 2: 30 Squats

Time is called multiple times by a nervous Market Timer and we meet back at COT. Lex, thanks for the Q and for the takeout prayer!!

There were a few announcements but they are on Frasier’s phone… Brat might have said that Swift is meeting at a different location next week (check with him) and Kirby mentioned the Christmas Party but had zero supporting details.

Running late

The alarm went off at 5:10 the only problem was it was not my alarm but my wife’s alarm to get up for work.  Despite my dog getting up at 2:00 I cannot even use that excuse because my alarm still would not have been sent.  Sent a quick text to Brat, who did not get it till later, about the plan.  He must have read my mind because when I pulled up to the turn lane on Johnston he was headed to where I was going to go.  The pax was so involved in giving me grief about being late to see that the turn lane I was in had a green arrow.

After running faster than I wanted to catch the pax I finally caught up with the tail end at Ballantyne Country Club entrance off of Ballantyne Commons.  We caught the rest before they made the right turn.  Everyone was scattered at this point and the theme of the morning was me feeling like I was herding cats.  We did stop and do some warm up drills i.e. tip toes, heels, butt kickers and B skips.

Once we had finished our warm up and Paper Jam had decided to set sail himself the instructions were given.  The workout was jog two minutes, run a 10k pace for one minute and then go hard for thirty seconds.  I did not do a great job of communicating this or we just had some refuseniks.  After the thirty seconds of hard you were to circle back and run with the shirtless wonder Strange Brew.  We did this through both sides of Ballantyne Country Club being careful crossing Johnston Rd.

Somehow we finished in the parking lot with one minute to thirty seconds to spare.  That promise of stretching did not occur one more failure in the plan today.  The idea was to mix it up with a long recovery followed by some harder running.  Not all that was promised in a recovery run as Paper Jam ran by me calling me a liar in a polite way. I know a lot of us are still recovering from The Crane Relay with some fantastic performances.  Guys were running hard this morning, in particular One Niner, Polly, Brat and Fleetwood who participated in the Crane.  Hope to see more of you out there next year.

The moral for today is make sure you not only set your alarm but turn it on as well before Qing a workout.  Side note if anyone wants a dog that does not sleep very well at night and is prone to whining please let me know.

Announcements: No Swift at Swift next Tuesday.  We are converging at Fast Twitch at Charlotte Latin for a topic secret hard fitness test.


Did I Mention No Burpees?

It’s been a few months since I started with F3 and I am grateful to Transporter for pushing me to attend.  It was all going swimmingly as the 6 until a comment was made that the 6 is temporary housing not a permanent location. Since then I have been pushing myself to become faster, and now is my time to lead a group of PAX. I attempted to not slow the Gazelles down to much while a challenge for the  Clydesdales. After the highly detailed pre-blast from yesterday evening its time to get it done.



As announced yesterday this would be one of the shortest moseys (yes beating B10’s). We completed some SSH, Potato Pickers, Plank Stretch stuff, and Merkins.


The Thang:

Due to the short warm-up and everyone chomping at the bit to begin running, we ran around Petsmart, in front of Target, past the soon to be Dunkin Donuts, went around the bank to check the traffic on 84. Then we took a right after Chick-Fil-A and ended up in the back of the Target parking lot.

We then completed 4 corners till everyone completed 4 laps (20 LBC, 10 Merkins, 10 Squats, 20 SSH) did I mention I guaranteed no Burpees?

From there we proceed to the pee palace parking lot (Petsmart) for some team building wall work, Jabs, Air Presses, Donkey Kicks, and Mike Tysons (yes still no Burpees) while the partner moseyed around the lot.

We then attempted to complete an Indian Run to the start, note to self no Gazelles in the front of an Indian Run as it turned into a Jail Break.

From there we had 2 minutes to Mary until the time ran out (Heals to Heaven, Situps, American Hammers

Money Ball took us out in prayer.



While it was fun to lead my first Q, I was nervous at the same time. Was I going to push the Gazelles while allowing ample time for the Clydesdales?  Ten minutes in and there was some complaining which I figure is a success. I had a hard time hearing people talk as my ears were beating like a speaker at a Snoop Dog concert. Will I be asked to VQ again, only time will tell?  This workout was not without the Form Police as well calling out the Q on the wall sits.


** Special shout out to all that helped me verify all Pax were accounted for after my video did not save.



  • Joe Davis Run: Early registration ends tomorrow 10/31, race March 9, 2019. (
  • Clyent Dinner: Thursday evening Food Lion parking lot, bring a headlamp. Beers after at Dream Chasers tell a friend, PAX you have not seen in a while.
  • Five Stones bible study: Wednesdays after Chiseled from 6:15 to 7/7:15.
  • When you travel grab the soaps and save for Dancing Bear.

Do you have anything besides Mexican food?

10 men gathered in a middle school parking lot at 5:30 on a Monday (Actually, 9 gathered. Insomniac joined us at about 5:45. Really. I mean, to show up that late, most of us would have to leave the house after the workout starts at 5:30. I would absolutely go back to bed. Not insomniac.). It was a strangely veteran (old) crew. Until Mailman joined us right at the bell, Thunder Road was the most junior of the PAX at 3+ years. Everyone else in the circle had over 5 years in F3. Interesting.

Perfect workout weather this morning. Right at 50 degrees with clear skies. Since you asked, here is my wardrobe chart for the next 5-6 months.
Above 50 degrees: maybe sleeves, no hat, no gloves
40-50 degrees: sleeves, maybe gloves, no hat
30-40 degrees: sleeves, maybe two layers, hat (which I usually regret), gloves
20-30 degrees: two layers, hat, gloves, still in shorts
Below 20: warm blanket, soft pillow

I gave an adequate disclaimer, including a brief discussion about whether or not any of us were really there of our own free will, or had it been pre-ordained? Regardless…

Mosey a bit, then circle up near the dugouts for the usual warmup (no SSH). Wolfman and Mall Cop obviously hadn’t seen each other for a few days and had a lot to catch up on. Next, we wandered out to the baseball infield grass. Inchworm across, lunge walk back, burpee broad jump across, lunge walk back, burpee broad jump across, lunge walk back.

Yog down the ramp past the railing. Partner up. Partner 1 runs up the ramp to the usual bleachers for 15 monkey humpers, 10 merkins and 5 jump ups. Partner B holds plank. Repeated a few times subbing CDDs for the merkins.

Up to the stairs, bunny hop up the stairs then choose a lifting rock. Gather at one end of the parking lot, lined up abreast. With your rock, 10 curls, 10 overhead presses, 10 tricep extensions, then run to the end of the parking lot and back to your rock. Move the rock up to the next basketball goal and repeat (slightly shorter run each time). A little Mary, then walk the rocks back to their home while doing various lifting things. Huh, still only 6:07? Let’s go down to the track. Hops said something like, “Not my favorite place to kill time”. Noted. I let everyone catch their breath with some Freddy Mercury, then AYG lap. I think I heard Wolf Man say, “I thought he was kidding” as I ran away. Nope. And Hops felt like running hard, so I stupidly tried to hold him off the whole time. AYG 400 sucks.

Other commentary:
– Insomniac has a creepy mustache.
– Lazy Boy and I rolled in at 5:20 to find Fireman Ed standing around looking at his kettlebell while his Jeep was running. Apparently it had been idle for a few days and “needed to run to move the oil around the engine”. I don’t think that’s necessary, but maybe.
– Hopper kept a hoodie on for the whole workout. Seems a little much for 50 degrees, but he is pretty old.
– That was a good start to the week. Thanks for posting, guys.


Do as I do, not as I say

It’s been over a year grinding at the sweat factory without every trying a go at being foreman.  Try as I might to continue this streak, my will was finally broken and I found myself leading a group of 20 (7 for 54 seconds, the other 13 for 45 minutes) around the Cuthbertson campus. By using the term “leading”, I mean I ran in front (for the most part) of them and mumbled incoherently my plans for the next exercise.  Much to my dismay, the only time anyone heard me was when I couldn’t count to three.


Pretty uneventful, just some Big 10’s (SSH) and seven random dudes crashing your party. One had a flag celebrating the World Series win of a certain professional sports team last night another with a toddler echo microphone to shove in my face in hopes to amplify my whispers. I considered doing the Fuse Box v. Exercise Dice, but thought of the small child who’s day I might ruin.

Cliff notes version:

25 SSH, 20 Imperial Walkers, Jimmy Dugan’s, Plank Stretch stuff, then Merkins

The Thang:

We started with some stuff and then did some more. Not enough? Ok:

Determined to make these guys run we went a full 50 feet to the first lamp on the back side of the middle school. We Paul Abdul’d it with Merkins and Burpees over to Transporter’s shed, followed by some Mary as the 6 filed in. Upon their arrival we moseyed on over to the cul-de-sac next to the football field. The (well spoken and clear) announcement was made that we’d be doing 3 sets of deep fence squats at the top and jump squats at the bottom. We began to run again and I heard many a “What did he say we’re doing?”, they must’ve been joking let’s just go. 2 sets in I decided to audible down to only 2 sets, then proceeded to head towards a third. Ha! Suckers, just proved that you guys only pretend not to hear me. Like that episode of the Brady bunch when that awful Mr. Duggan faked those injuries and damages when he had that small fender bender with Mrs. Brady. Thank goodness for Mr. Brady throwing his briefcase and foiling his plan.

Sorry, that’s something I do. Just randomly start talking about things and going on and on….and like REALLY loudly.

We moseyed some more over to the benches for a dip ladder where the counting problems spread to the PAX on this bus. We fuddled through and ran over for some step ups. Apparently Dana went to the Moneyball Q school because the old “For each leg?” question reared it’s ugly head.  We ran some more found a wall for some jabs and air presses. We ran some more and did light to light merkins. We ran some more and ran some more, rounding the first lot Indian Run style. Some tried to slow the bus down but we did two laps at a fast Clydesdale pace. From there we circled up to Mary until I could say that I was officially done with my VQ.


Is it inappropriate to use the term “butt holes” in a backblast? Asking for a friend. Anyhowser, a special thanks to that small group of dudes that I hold so near and dear to my heart for continuing to “encourage” me to step up and lead. It really wasn’t that terrible, at least for me, I can’t speak to the poor PAX who tried to figure out what I was suggesting. It was great to see Fuse Box nowhere near the 6 all day and everyone else push throughout the post. Foundation promised to keep his knee out my back and let me get some sleep now that I’ve Q’d Flash (I’ll believe it when I see it).  I only finally broke down because of how great you guys all are.


Let’s not hold our breath waiting for my next one though…..


  1. Joe Davis Run: early registration ends 10/31 sign up here
  2. Clyent Dinner: Thursday evening post. Launches at Food Lion ends with beers. Tell a friend…
  3. Five Stones Bible Study: Post Chiseled post, meets for an hour and includes breakfast