Hurricane Flo – Fundraising AMRAP

Hurricane Flo – Fundraising AMRAP

25 PAX gathered at Impromptu to help raise money for F3Carterico and their great cause to help their local community after Hurricane Flo.  Kudos to Zinfandel who was the #DancingIdiot and Rudy who was the #1stFollower in a last minute push to get our area PAX to run laps for something more than just bragging rights . . . This time, the PAX ran hard so we could make those who pledged $/lap, to really feel the pain of a late-night drunken decision to pledge.


  • Pretty cool to roll into the parking lot and see 4-5 shovelflags and all the PAX dressed in Red (albeit YHC’s red shirt was smelling like Doughboy’s gloves in the laundry so red shorts would have to do)
  • Disclaimer and Instructions given re: AMRAP protocol
  • Mosey backwards on AMRAP course explaining stations and performing some exercises


  • AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible)
  • .5 mile loop around Middle School
  • 7 Stations
    • Derkins x 20
    • Bear Crawl length of football field portico
    • Dips x 20
    • Donkey Kicks x 20
    • Overhead rock carry for too long length of light poles and back
    • Jump Squats x 20
    • Burpees x # of laps completed


  • Pax August September
    Banjo 4 4
    Bottlecap 3.5 4.2
    Breadbowl 3 3.1
    Chicken Little 3.5
    Damascus 4
    Dana 3.1 3.4
    Dancing Bear 4 4
    Dasher 4.4
    Deadwood 4
    Deflated 4.1
    Doughboy 3.5 4
    Easy Button 4 4.1
    Foley 3.4 3.5
    Foundation 4.1
    Fusebox 3.5 4
    Halfback 5
    Hollywood 4.5
    Hooch 4
    Jingles 3.5
    Joy 3.4
    Legalized 3
    Maddog 4 4
    Moneyball 4
    Posse 3.4 3.5
    Radar 2.5
    Recalculating 4
    Rockwell 3.5 4
    Rubbermaid 4
    Rudy 2.2
    Southern Belle 4 3.6
    Stub Hub 4.2
    Wedding Singer 3
    Xerox 3
    Zinfandel 3.1 3.1
    Total Laps 85.6 91.3


  • It was a SMOKER today; the course didn’t have an easy section
  • YHC kept thinking of how HalfBack got 5 laps in last time . . . Impressive but where were you today?
  • I would say the course won BUT the obvious winner was F3 and the community
    • F3 Carterico:
      • Over $2,000 was raised and the number is still climbing
      • Excited to see additional videos of the impact they are making in that community . . . Well done fellas!
      • You can still donate; check out their website:
    • F3 Western Union:
      • 25 guys showed up but others who couldn’t even make it still donated
      • Great to see SO MANY different guys stepping up in different ways . . . Proud to be a part of this group #Sappy
  • Great work by Dasher pulling everybody along this morning
  • Nice work by Fuse Box shaking off the ghost of Moneyball and getting to 4 laps despite substituting lunge walks
  • The number of PAX who got to 4 laps is very impressive (14 out of 25)
  • Awesome to see some of the newer/Kotters/injured/2.0 PAX still pushing to complete the next station . . . #LotOfHeavyBreathing
  • Thanks to those who brought out the speakers to have at the different stations . . . Special shout out to that terrible music by the burpees
  • Great to see Radar . . . SANTA!


  • Bonefrog Obstacle Course event:  Nov 10th in Concord.  Western Union has put in our own team.  Need more PAX.  See Deadwood for more details.
    • Asylum:  Launching Monday.  Wesley Chapel Brooklyn Pizza.  0515-0600.  Transporter and Damascus are Site Qs.  Medium to High Intensity with some gear
    • Ignition:  Mondays at Cuthbertson Middle.  0515-0615.  Min. 4 miles plus bootcamp.  We will COT with Flash PAX.  Hollywood and Halfback are Site Qs
    • Chiseled:  Wednesdays at Five Stone (1117 Cuthbertson Road).  0530-0615.  Gear workout with minimal running.  Fuse Box and Banjo are Site Qs
    • Open Door:  Sundays at Five Stones office.  0700-0800.  Studying Acts Chapters 14 & 15 this week.  No pre-reading necessary.  Come and participate with other flawed men as we try to build each other up to become better husbands, fathers, and community members
    • Sanctuary:  Mondays at Brooklyn Pizza.  7:30-8:30pm.  Come out and enjoy a discussion along with some beer and pizza

Thanks Mad Dog for taking us out!

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