If I get murdered in the city

If I get murdered in the city

Don’t go revenging in my name…

No pax were harmed in the making of this painfest. Well, almost.

24 gathered for an “udderly” amazing event at the Regal Theater’s sidelot in fancy pants Ballantyne. Where even murder is an issue. More on that later. Quick rusty disclaimer and short mosey to front of cinema. Circle up for COP.

COP – In Cadence
SSH x20
IW x10
Mtn Climber x15
Squat x15

With the mumblechatter at an all time high and YHC’s questionable cadence count we moved on. #animals

Slow mosey up to Elm and down along the sidewalk behind the cinema. I believe it was Chunder who said, “Oh no, Murderhorn is this way.” To which YHC replied, “Is it? I didn’t know that.” Wherein Mighty Mite chimed in with, “well someone did get murdered here recently…” YHC’s mind began to wander as his words trailed off. We were soon snapped back to reality upon arriving to our destination.

The Murderhorn (where no actual murders have been recorded. At least in Ballantyne’s version)

The Thang
Stop #1 – Heartbreak 1,2,3. Using .13 miles of The Murderhorn, teams of 3 will ascend and descend while completing cumulative exercise at each end. Exercise include 100 x Merkins, 200 x LBCs and 300 x Squats. The runner between the stops is the timer. Everyone end at the top and join in the Mary being called by Chunder.

Stop #2 – Mary Quad Burner. Mosey to the grassy area at the corner of Elm and Elmstone. Partner up. Partner 1 does Flutter while partner 2 backwards runs 25 yards to road and back x 2. Flapjack and repeato until cumulative Flutters = 200. We lost one pax to an ant pile. He took time to run it off which is a peculiar way to deal with pain. #toeachhisown

Stop #3 – Jacob’s Ladder. Mosey to launch lot and using the 25 yard +20% grade as our ladder. Ascend 7 times with increasing burpees at the top starting at 1 ending at 7. OYO AYG YVY AFAP FYI BTW OMG HIM

When all pax were done with Jacob they slowly started to assemble and do mary. YHC joined and properly lead this fine group of hill climbers. Dolly x10, Rosalita x10, Back scratchers x15, Freddie Mercury x15, LBC x20, Flutter x20.


Day old moleskin: YHC learned a few things today. There are a lot of SOB pax I do not know. #needtofixthat #postmore Murderhorn has nothing to do with actual murder, let’s be clear. There was a murder in Ballantyne recently and Mighty Mite can tell you all about it, he was there. #notasuspect #stonehenge Uncle Rico takes a licking and keeps on ticking or running in this case. He found an ant pile and tried to play with the cute little buggers. He then proceeded to run The Murderhorn as a way to deal with the pain. We have a multitude of Respects in our midst. I can only hope to be as good looking and healthy as these gentlemen when I am Respectful. Keep it up men. The mumblechatter was strong early, but once the hills started taking the air out of our lungs it got quiet. #missionaccomplished Everyone put out and the work did the work as the Goruck cadre would say. Thanks for allowing me to to lead. Toolbag, No Show and Commish have a great AO and the showing of 24 was impressive. #strong #hims

Announcements: Last call for Isabella Santos run and SFN Chariot pushing. Stonehenge is still happening and can be your warmup.

Davinci is converging with stonehenge this week

Lake Norman Basin run coming up soon.

Strong take out by Squid

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