Walking in a spider web…

Walking in a spider web…

Beautiful morning – seems we are finally getting into the best stretch of the year.  Gotta love the Fall mornings…Chunder mumbled “let me guess-SS Hop” just as we circled up. Nope.


disclaimer given – mosey to lot for Burpees, Imperial Squat Walkers, Peter Parkers, merkins, Bulgarian Ball Busters YA!! (I know y’all think it’s a joke but I seriously love them)

Headed to woods for pull-ups and squats. Then Brixem Hill. Then over to hidden pond/Hill (partners Derkins, ab throws).  Lots of called pit stops all throughout – wide/Diamond/regular merkins, jump squats, etc.

Toward the end I ran through a spider web that covered my full face, arms, and torso.  Ah, the price of leadership!

finished up with ceremonial wheel barrow (more on that shortly)


Sorry Delta went out early with a turned ankle but he followed up later that it’s likely a sprain in need of rest.

What and exciting, impressive, and inspiring post by Cooter (prayers his way for pending treatments)- thanks for the takeout too!

Fun to chase Gramaticka up the hill!!  Never seen him move so fast!

Thanks Paper Jam for the “Hope Challenge” concept- here was my share…

Six months ago yesterday our oldest daughter Jocelyn became acutely ill.  Multiple hospital stays, dozens of blood tests and even multiple trips outside of NC finally have us feeling like we have A)a diagnosis we believe and B)medical care who is capable and actually believes it too.  Lyme disease and other tic born illnesses are misunderstood, misdiagnosed, and terrifying.  It has been an believably challenging process which continues to this day. We feel it is a general uptrend but of course has its ups and downs. We keep the faith, hope and take it one day at a time.


Last night as I was getting all of our kids ready for bed and all, I asked Jocelyn what is one exercise I should have the guys do – and she said “wheel barrow”.  I let her know that most guys really are not fond of it, so I would definitely call the exercise and blame it on her! (Which i did, and which she appreciated)

All have or are faced with enormous challenges obstacles and struggles in their lives and in those other families.  I continue to be lifted and inspired by the F3 brotherhood.

Thanks TagAlong for asking me to lead.  Always and honor.


Church On The Street (see Strawberry) slots need filling for Oct.

f3 Dads – camping in Oct (see Frasier)

this Saturday is SOB convergence at Stonehenge (Paper Jam bday Q)

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