Touring the Ridge

Touring the Ridge

21 PAX joined YHC and decided to brave the perfect morning weather for a little tour of the school grounds.


Disclaimer provided. Run around parking lot and down to other end.    All IC: Mountain Climbers x15, Peter Parkers x15, Plank Jacks x15, Merkins x15

Then run to other end of parking lot and back, 5 squats every third tree on way out (30), 5 jump squats every third tree back in (30)


To side of HS: All IC- 5 merkins, 5 wide arm, 5 diamonds, 5 stagger right, 5 stagger left

Then pair up- P1 run to end and across street and back, P2 shoulder taps with feet on wall-100-200 per team depending on whether expert instructions were actually followed.

Back side of school -military count-5 each of merkins, wide arm, diamond, stagger right and left

Then P1 run around circle globe, P2 Jump squats -150 as a team

Continue to maintenance building-P1 run around building, P2 donkey kicks-150 as a team

Run around path to cafeteria-Squats x20 IC

Then P1 run down and around very small section of track, P2 burpees-50 as a team

Run back to start, stopping at end of parking lot, 5 merkins every third tree-Total 30

Various mary/planks were completed during the fun-All 1000 IC (Abs of Steel)


It has to have been close to a couple of years since YHC last Q’d Dromedary so it was great to get back out and run around.   Been skipping Wednesdays recently because ?

Good to see many faces I hadn’t seen in a while.   We even had a Flipper and Ice 9 sighting.

As usual, plan was to keep the heart rate up while doing some good ol’ fashioned partner work.  Still got in about 2.5, which I know all appreciated.


Christ Closet Ministry-Service Opportunity, 10/4, please see Ice 9’s Backblast for full details

F3 Dads Camping-10/19-10/20, see slack channel for details

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