Salsa, baby!

Salsa, baby!

YHC was substiQ for BooYah, who was scheduled to make his triumphant return to Gumby this morning, but got cold feet and pushed it back a few weeks.
Music today was sponsored by Salsa Warriors – a NYC-based station that plays the best Salsa on the planet (or at least that’s what they’ve been telling me).

Devo: Schedule a “worry hour” at 5:00pm every day, and you may soon realize that’s not worth it.  Based on Matthew 6:27 Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life? (NIV)

Vinyasa – 1X slow to take time to de-kink, then 3X OYO to warm up

The Main Thang:
LEFT: Lizard 45s
Hammy stretch 45s
Lizard Quad 45s
Vinyasa 1X OYO

Move to Table Top

LEFT: Bird dog/Cheetah 5X
Side Split 45s
Twist Side Hip 45s
Vinyasa 1X OYO

Squat down for:
Malasana 60s
Vinyasa 1X OYO

Move to Down Dog then:
LEFT: Pigeon 60s
Vinyasa 1X OYO

Seated twist 30s (L+R)
Prone shoulder flip 45s (L+R)
Vinyasa 1X OYO
Back down to six:
Lie back:
Single knee hug 45s (L/R)
Supine twist 45s (L/R)
Dead pigeon 45s (L/R)
Happy baby 45s
Neck stretch 45s (L+R)
Half Cow Face 45s (L/R)

Isabella Santos Run, 9/29/18:
F3 Dads at Kinetic Heights – see #F3Dads channel on Slack
Crane Relay, 10/26
Let Them Soar, 5K 11/10/18:

Why is the dipping sauce also called Salsa, and which came first, the food or the music or dance?  Comment below if you know, if you don’t know but have a guess or if you don’t care because guacamole is better anyway and all those songs sounded the same.

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