This was a first, halfway through my description of today’s route, I was thoroughly booed by Purple Haze. Here’s what elicited the response.

From Latin lot turn left onto Providence Rd, turn left on Pineville-Matthews and then left on Strawberry Ln to South Charlotte Middle School. Run the track as fast and as much as you want and head back using Pineville-Matthews and Providence.

Well, as we learned today just getting to SCMS is a haul – nearly three miles. If you did even 1 lap, you’d wrack up nearly 7 miles. This is a good challenge b/c it allows the fast guys to get as miles as one can muster. According to Strava:

6+ miles
Wild Turkey
Pop Tart

7+ miles
Turkey Leg
Purple Haze

8+ miles

9+ miles
JRR Tolkein (includes run-in)

Pop Tart & Retread made it home just after COT. (Apologies, I figured you passed me at some point.)
Rachel & Purrell pontificated on the size and species of a rotting carcass somewhere in the Providence Rd. sewers.
Why is Rachel not on Strava?
Lots of “runners” out there lately. Be mindful and respectful of others on the road.

Isabella Santos run this weekend. Convergence at Stonehenge.
11/11 Vagabond

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UdderPosted on7:38 pm - Sep 25, 2018

ole tolkein sandbagging again. 😉

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