My Legs are Beat Up So I Will Run Slow

My Legs are Beat Up So I Will Run Slow

8 PAX showed up at the fountains of Blakeney on a Monday morning for a planned trip thru the fancy neighborhood.  It was a typical Monday morning, Bunker parked in his spot, Bratwurst was pulling up at 5:15 and Cobbler was trying to figure out where he could do his thing on this route.

With no disclaimer but a few headlamps we were off.


This was the route we took this morning according to my fancy watch:


A new PR for Cobbler this morning. He made it thru a running workout without having a stop or detour. Congrats!

One of the reasons I love running with Bunker is he is so funny. Before the launch he lamented how his legs felt tired due to his marathon training and running 16 miles yesterday so he would “run slow.” Then once we entered the fancy neighborhood he told the other fast PAX he would yell directions ahead to them as he would be behind since he would “run slow.” At one point, I was trying to keep up with him at a sub 8:30 pace and after he left me behind, he easily caught up to the other fast guys.

Two things I could not figure out this morning: (1) where did Tuck go and why did he not want to stretch with us? and (2) does Polly not like us or was he looking to get extra miles by parking his truck about a block or so from the rest of us?

Thank you Johnny Utah for taking us out.

As always, a fun start to Monday.


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TuckPosted on5:11 pm - Sep 24, 2018

I have answers for #1. Plan called for 6 today so I kept going until I hit it. Finished with some pull-ups on the playground since I have Spartans coming up. Now you know!
No idea why Polly hates you though.

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