Ultimate Circuits of Chance

Ultimate Circuits of Chance

11 men posted to the gloom of Joust this AM and this is what went down.

About 0526 4 men had assembled and were talking about how big turnouts always come with fun Friday ultimate games.  When YHC said that I had blown the marketing for today, Header looked up and said “we’re playing ultimate?” with the same expression you 5yo 2.0 has when they think your going for ice cream.

7 more quickly assemble, include Baracus who confidently parked the 4 door fergn’ sedan between two large pick up trucks.  He was equally confident in his shiny white shoes that looked like something you might see on a mall walker.

Disclaimer was given and off we went for a short jog to the goal line for a LOP (line of pain)

100 yards down field, 100 SSH and return

75 yards down field, 75 MC and return

50 yards down field, 50 LBCs and return

25 yards down field, 25 merkins and return

Appropriately activated, we moved down to the lighted end of the track to engage in circuits of chance – drawing 3 cards from a standard card deck.  Hearts were running, Diamonds core, Spades legs and Clubs upper body.  5x the card value for reps and Aces could be 1 or 11 like blackjack.

Lots of squats, merkins and sister mary catherines ensued.  Tulip showed his honest upbringing by not knowing that an Ace is only a 1 or an 11 not any number in between.

There was some mary and indian runs since we couldn’t draw a heart to save our life.



  1. Definitely a randomrama today but hopefully everyone had some fun and got some work in
  2. Dollywood didn’t believe there was any pattern to the exercises and cards – hoping we set that straight
  3. Haven’t been to Joust in while but great to get back out.  Always an honor to lead.
  4. Smokey and Sweeney Todd showed the Q ultimate respect by doing 30 burpees after the workout

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