Wounded Star Fish Preps for Hurricane

Wounded Star Fish Preps for Hurricane

On a Thursday morning with a Hurricane Looming, 15 PAX thumbed their nose at Jim Cantore at showed up at Peak 51 for a beatdown. I couldn’t help but to Oblige:

-Mosey to Church Parking Lot


– SSH X 20

-IW X 20

-Mountain Climbers X10

Mosey to bus lot

-Star Fish

4 stations one center

Center (5 Burpees)

Round 1

Arm 1 1:- 15 Merkins

Arm 2: 15 Hand Release Merkins

Arm 3: 15 Carolina Dry Docks

Arm 4:  15 Diamond Merkins

Round 2

Arm 1: 20 Jump Squats

Arm 2: 20 Squats

Station 3: 10 Donkey Kicks

Station 4: 10 Monkey Humpers

Round 3:

Station 1: 25 Flutter

Station 2: 25 American Hammer

Station 3 25 Freddie Mercury

Station 4: 25 LBC

After Stations 1-3 back to center for Burpees

After Station 4- Run one lap around the starfish (Clockwise), connecting All stations. Plank up in Center when done

Mosey to the wall

Wall sits- Arm presses (2 rounds)

Mosey back to launch for Mary





BRR 2019- Sign ups are already happening.

Hurricane Party at Joker’s!


Pleasantly surprised by the group that showed up. With Florence looming, and the concern regarding itw would’ve scared of a majority of PAX from attending- but not so.

I’ll be honest- this was rough. Being a last minute Q request (hope you’re feeling better Coctkail), I pulled an old Weinke out of the closed. Being a Post BRR workout made it high rep/low running- but the pains was still there. There were a few moments where I thought we had lost Sensei, but he gamely held onto the end.

Bernie and Sardine were out front most of the day- I’ve been impressed recently with Sardine’s straight line speed- that dude can motor.

Welcome back Early Bird! Good to see you after an extended absence.

Slim Fast is 180-0 keeping the rain away from Peak. Not even a hurricane could break this impressive all time streak.


Thanks  Lois and Sensei for the opportunity to lead!



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