Fishing Hole Injury Avoidence!

Fishing Hole Injury Avoidence!

Well it was an experiment that may need to be refined. As we got ready with a minuet to spare our brother Cooter 2 informed the PAX that he has a cancer that is on his knee. YHC had in his mind a 0.0 workout that stressed core strength and upper and middle back muscles. This was in part to knowing Cooters low running condition and seeing many of his brothers go through injuries to shoulders and lower backs. As a workout it was met with open arms but YHC could see that it needed timing and improvement on the direction given.


More important that all that. We were all able to rally around Cooter 2 and his impending treatment with a ton of love and support. His spirits are high and he knows that all 3 Fs are very important to his recovery and healing.

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