7 men came out for Cerberus.  I wanted more, but hey, its better than the 2 we had on Wednesday!

The theme of the day was 22.  It’s the most important part of this backblast, but I will come back to that in the Moleskine.

The Thang:

Fast mosey out past the shopping plaza and Camp Gladiator, up the stairs and around the corner to the nice fire pit area of the apartment complex.  Circle up for 22 SSH and IW in cadence.

Had to be too quiet here so mosey out to the back street.  Circle up again for 22 8-Count Body Builders in-cadence.  Seems like these were enjoyed by all.

Fast Mosey up the first circle.  Freddy Mercury.

Fast Mosey to 2nd circle.  Carolina Dry Dock.

Circle of pain.  Partner up.  P1 planks along round-a-about and plank walks counter clockwise.  P2 does 5 merkins, runs around circle and back to P1.  Flapjack and repeat for 2 rounds.

Fast Mosey back up to other circle for flutter kicks and 2nd Circle of pain.  Same as the first except for a different partner and moving clockwise.

Fast Mosey to the bottom of the parking deck.  LBC’s.

New Partner.  P1 runs up left stairs, P2 runs up right.  Meet in middle of top deck for 22 Hand Slap Merkins.  Run back down the stairs you came.  At bottom P1 planks while p2 bunny hops over the legs for 11 reps.  Flapjack plank and hop for another 11 reps.

Repeat the cycle 5 times.

At the top of the deck after round 5 do a series of dragon flags (shout out to Tolkien).

Mosey back to launch and done.


Pax quickly caught on to the #22 this morning.  I let them know it was in honor of someone.  A tough week in the small bubble that is the Lochridge world.  Found out last night that a young woman, 22 years old, who was our go-to baby sitter for 5 years while she was in high school and college had passed away.  She was a fantastic young woman who my daughters really looked up to and adored.  She volunteered to help the sick and elderly, loved god and her church, strong athlete and good student; a great role model for my girls.  While the circumstances aren’t clear, it appears she took her own life.  This is unfathomable to me.   Not that suicide happens, because it unfortunately does, but that it happened to her.  Depression is a black hole and can hit deeply those you would never expect, for reasons you don’t know or don’t understand.  All we can do is seek help when needed and be an active participant in our relationships with friends and family so we can get them help immediately when needed.  I think a few months back Mermaid asked us to go beyond the “How you doing?” question and ask our brothers, “No really, how are you?”  I keep thinking, if someone, anyone, just asked her, “No really, how are you?” maybe she would still be here.

Thats a lot, but there’s more.

My M and I support Alexander Youth Network for children with Behavioral Health issues (thanks to Joker for introducing us to them).  Many of these kids come from challenging family’s where abuse, drugs, neglect, and violence are more normal than you can imagine.  My M is a lunch buddy to a 12  year-old girl there once a week.  The girl is smart, an amazing artist, and street wise beyond her years.  Her mother isn’t fully capable of taking care of her so her Grandmother is her primary care giver.  Her sister committed suicide recently, at a very young age.  Her sister’s suicide is one of the reason’s she is at AYN and that she doesn’t value her own life like she should.  Well this week, her grandmother, her only real stable support in life passed away.  At this point we don’t know where she will end up.   Not sure if there is a capable family member or if she will be put into foster care.

I am sorry this is tough for a Friday.  But it’s real and it’s what is weighing on my heart today.

Please consider these families in your prayers this weekend.  They will need it.  Also consider how you can make an impact on someone else.  Maybe get involved in a cause like suicide prevention or Alexander Youth Network (I can share details).  Or do something with more immediate impact to your sphere of relationships and ask that follow up question:  “No really, How are you doing?”  You can’t imagine the level of impact that might have on someone.

Thanks Das Boot for the takeout this morning.


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ShoePosted on1:33 am - Sep 23, 2018

This is a very poignant and impactful BB/Message. You dug deep and it shows. Sorry I wasn’t there to post, but very glad I read this. I will look into AYN and how I can help, I promise.

MermaidPosted on3:46 pm - Sep 24, 2018

Was DR this weekend, so just seeing this. The Black Dog invades many lives, including mine. It may come and stay for a short visit or try to overtake a life. It is manageable, but typically requires help from others and some combo of therapy and medication, and a strong support network. It is National Suicide Prevention Month. Almost 7 years ago, my brother took his own life. Annually, roughly 40,000 Americans take this path. I personally think it is due to loss of hope, in a broad sense. It was Hops who actually initially asked that question above, “How are you really doing.” There is power in digging a little deeper, showing that you genuinely care for someone. It can give someone hope. Even if just a little. If you are pervasively sad, reach out for help. Start somewhere. Start with me. As you A51 guys know, “I care about your personal safety.” You can overcome and get better. Help and encourage those around you.

Sorry to read about these lost lives and the impact on others. Prayers

Chelms aka TatertotPosted on6:53 pm - Sep 24, 2018

Aye – it takes time to really know someone and our culture/technology don’t really foster this. We have to get out and work at it – just like a work out. T-claps for sharing and encouraging the PAX. There are many in our community that we can listen to and learn more about.

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