VQ’ing from Hate Hate to Hate

VQ’ing from Hate Hate to Hate

19 PAX came ready to rock this morning for a VQ beatdown. After a brief disclaimer and announcement that it was my VQ, a round of applause followed. They didn’t know what was about to hit them…Let’s mosey.

The Thang

Circle up in the bus parking lot.

  • Side Straddle Hop x 16
  • Imperial Walker x 16
  • Low Slow Squats x 16

Mosey to the corner of Windyrush and Banfield, or as Gummy called it, “where?” This is the intersection with the hill and Evelyn’s Rock, which YHC learned of a couple of months back with Purple Haze as QIC. I found it only fitting that our workout would start with a hill and a rock. Here’s where we hit some 7’s, with burpees at the top of the hill and squat jumps at the bottom. When we finished up, Marge led us in some planks while we waited for the six.

Mosey to Wesley United Methodist Church parking lot Рsplit into groups of 2. Grab a rock. Partner 1 runs to opposite corner of the church parking lot and does 16 merkins. Partner 2 stays back and does rock curls until P1 gets back. Flapjack. Next set was 16 mountain climbers for P1, while P2 did overhead presses with the rock. Flapjack again. We did this until each partner had done 2 sets of merkins, curls, mountain climbers, and overhead press.

Mosey back around the school to the starting point for some Mary. YHC wasn’t too polished with the calls just yet so I summoned some help.

  • LBC x 16
  • Freddie Mercury x 16
  • Dolly x 16 per Marge
  • Heels to Heaven x 10 per Jet Fuel
  • Flutter x 16 per Lewinsky

Recover and count em off.


#F3Hydra was my first post so I was honored to have my VQ experience here as well. Thanks to Marge and Queen for making it happen, and thanks to Lewinsky and Jet Fuel for doing so as well in a roundabout way.

Some mumble chatter that stuck out – “This is BS” someone shouted while climbing the hill during 7s. I believe there was also a “This guy loves to take the long route” or something along those lines.

Jet Fuel, who was supposed to be in Japan today, made a special appearance as his trip was delayed. I believe I heard him say he was trying to learn Japanese so he could gather some PAX over there. Jokes aside, Jet Fuel was the Q on my first post, so it was great having him there as well.

It was good to see Flo Jo yet again and he told me he really enjoyed the workout. Hey, as long as 1 did, I’m good with it.

I think it was Hannibal that asked what the significance of the 16 was. As I was donning the orange and the tiger paw, of course it was another tie to Clemson, and the National Championship we won in 2016 (as well as Trevor Lawrence, who wears 16 now). I’m not sure if Jet Fuel picked up on that or not, but it was ironic that he broke the cadence of 16.

Sprockets was out in front of the PAX seemingly all day. That guy is a machine.

T-Claps to Lewinsky for helping me plan this thing out.

No real announcements other than Lewinsky letting everyone know I turned 30 today. When scrolling the Lexicon recently, I learned that PAX in their 20s are “Hate Hate” and PAX in their 30s are “Hate” so becoming less hated is the highlight of my 30s so far.

There’s no better way to start the morning and no way I’d rather enter my 30s than being at #F3Hydra this morning. Thanks to everyone for the encouragement this morning.

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LewinskyPosted on1:49 pm - Sep 20, 2018

HBD Revlon and thanks for the solid VQ Beat Down.

MargePosted on2:19 pm - Sep 20, 2018

Happy Birthday Revlon! And great Q. Thanks for leading. Go Tigers!

GummyPosted on2:36 pm - Sep 20, 2018

Solid VQ, Revlon. You shook off the heckling like a seasoned Q – burpees and hills also tend to quiet the crowd, so smart move there. Hat tip to my partner, Sleepy, who took care to try to hand the rock to me every time with the “clean” side facing me.

For those keeping up with me this week, I was able to complete my pregame routine without any issues this morning.

Go Tigers!

JetFuelPosted on8:50 pm - Sep 20, 2018

Outstanding VQ effort today, Revlon. Evelyn’s Rock is one of my personal favorites along with her dog, Hector. Shout out to Lewinsky for pulling the “bait and switch” routine on Revlon – that guy is a born salesman. Or, maybe I am the salesman for posting on a day I was supposed to Q. Veteran move.
Not sure how “Merkins” and “Peter Parkers” would translate to Japanese. I will have to lead by example while over yonder. Fairly certain “Burpees” are universally hated in every language.
16….. my, my. What a cute number. Do I really have to address it? 17 > 16. Wait, the real equation is 17 > 2.
Gummy, my pregame routine is all jacked up due to excessive rice consumption over the past couple of months. So happy your regularity has been rediscovered. Mine got lost somewhere over the Pacific.

HIPAAPosted on1:44 am - Sep 21, 2018

Outstanding VQ. Looked like a veteran out there. Simple, effective and with a nod to history with the tour to the Rock and the church parking lot. Well done.

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