On the backstreets until the end

On the backstreets until the end

A wild bunch of PAX gathered in the gloom at Matthews Elementary School for this week’s edition of Peak 51, only to find out, we weren’t staying too long at the school.

After a decent disclaimer, including the fact that we would be on a road trip today, we took off for what turned into an extended warmup.

Mosey to the First Baptist lot via the short route … circle up.


  • Side-straddle hops x20 IC
  • Imperial walker x20 IC

Mosey to the BB&T lot beside Mac’s Speed Shop … circle up.

COP, Part Deux

  • Mountain climbers x20 IC
  • Low, slow squat x20 IC

Cross John Street, carefully, and mosey to the perilously slanted small lot kinda-sorta behind Renfrow Hardware … circle up.

COP, Part Tre

  • Hillbilly x20 IC
  • Windmill x15 IC

The windmills were cut short because Slim Fast and Tweetsie guided this part way off the rails. More on that later.

Mosey on, turning left at the attorney’s office, stopping at the Pizza Peel … circle … well, not a lot of room, so just get in where you fit in.

COP, Part IV

  • Merkins x10 IC

Finally, mosey down to the front of the Town Hall/Library.


Okay, partner up for some Dora 1-2-3. Pretty easy — one partner does the exercise, other partner runs the traffic circle, flapjack, finish when you have reached the cumulative number of exercises.

  • Round 1: 100 Carolina dry docks
  • Round 2: 200 flutters (civilian count)
  • Round 3: 300 LBCs

Requisite planking in between sets.

Stay with your partner, take off in different directions around the circle and run. When you meet up, do 5 hand-slap partner merkins. After that, lunge walk until you meet again, then do another round of hand-slap partner merkins.

Once that was done, time to start moseying back. This time, we take the more direct route — head up to Trade Street and hang a left. We stopped a couple of times to do some squats until the 6 rolls in, including the Trade/John intersection where we were stopped by the speedy stoplight, where we wound up doing more squats than we bargained for.

Arrive back to launch to find our Sparta friends doing burpees. Note, even though there might have been some grumbling, please note YHC ordered no burpees. #YouAreWelcome


LBCs x?? IC — Tweetsie led while YHC gathered his phone.

Rosalita x20? IC — again, #mumblechatter and the Tower of Babel level of different languages counting along made this difficult.

Heels to Heaven xI don’t remember IC.

Time called.




Takeout by Tweetsie.



  • If you are interested in Qing Peak, talk to Lois and/or Sensei. The schedule is wide open. Swiss Miss has next Thursday.
  • Isabella Santos Run, 9/29/18: https://isabellasantosfoundation.org/annual-5k-for-kids-cancer/
  • F3 Dads at Kinetic Heights – see #F3Dads channel on Slack
  • Crane Relay, 10/26
  • Let Them Soar, 5K 11/10/18: https://letthemsoar5k.racesonline.com/
  • The 2019 Blue Ridge Relay is just around the corner … get on a team today, or, better yet, ask Slim Fast what team you are on.


After being away two weeks — one for BRR tapering, and one because of a post-BRR crud — it was good to get back out to Peak and put in some work. Even though a lot of us are a little tired of running at this point of the year, I wanted to get out and hit up a different locale. The Town Square area is a great spot that we haven’t hit up for a while, so, that’s where I wanted to head.

The irony of the whole thing is that Sparta regular Arsenal joined us, because I think he was looking for a little less running this morning versus the 4-5 miles usually put in by the Spartans. FWIW, it was a little more than 2 miles, so, technically, he got what he wanted.

The traveling COP was intended to help break up the run to the Town Hall and keep the group together. It was not without a couple of bumps.

First, there was the female BB&T employee who ventured out from the bank to her truck to find us working on good squat form.

Then, things really got out of hand when we were in the parking lot off of Cotton Gin Alley. When I called for the hillbilly, Slim Fast just started lobbing grenades at Tweetsie, calling it the mating dance of App State alums. While they were throwing jabs at each other, the rest of us were trying to, you know, actually do the exercise called. Then Slim tried to Q jack a bit by counting the number of reps he finished versus everyone else. #TexasMath

The 1-2-3 is a simple F3 staple that is always easy to throw out, but not necessarily easy to accomplish. All of the PAX just ripped it. Also, there were a lot of good sweat angels/imprints on the bricks and pavement that we were all admiring.

When the meet-your-partner portion was called, I rounded the turn to the meeting spot, and Sardine just came flying through like he was a car in a Fast and Furious movie. I was actually a little afraid he wouldn’t be able to stop amidst all that #LarryBird-ing.

About halfway through the lunge walk, there was grumbling, and for good reason. It was perhaps a little far. Of course, when I called for a modification to just go ahead and meet up, Tweetsie decided to back up to make me come all the way to the exact middle. Thanks.

The final bit of absurdity came when we were stuck at the Trade/John intersection, with its notoriously slow light. So, there we are, a bunch of guys just doing squats on the corner. Don’t mind us. Thumper and a couple of other PAX decided to take an available window and jaywalk (jayrun?) across the street and get moving. Those of us who respect the law were not too far behind.

Swiss Miss says there is a website where you can offer feedback on the performance of stop lights — I think we all need to lodge a complaint. After all, we are legion.

Oh, also, #kotters to Early Bird and Entourage! Great to have both of you back.

Sound off with any #mumblechatter I might have missed. Excellent work all around … you guys make Peak great and are what F3 is all about. It’s an honor to lead y’all.



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[…] Also, backtracking a bit, I applaud Slim and Tweetsie for behaving themselves during COP. Last time I Q’d and I called for the Hillbilly, things went way off the rails. […]

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