You all missed and you should try it

  • When:09/20/2018
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You all missed and you should try it

The Waverly AMRAP.  The WAMRAP.  It was McGee’s idea but I like it.  Why do I like it?  Well, not going to lie, it’s close to my house.  But I really like the idea of being able to go all out for a workout if I want, and we should all do that at least 2x per week.  By design, most of our bootcamps have stops and starts to transition between activities but sometimes it’s best to just get after it, and a tightly grouped AMRAP still keeps the leaders and the six in the same vicinity.

The last reason I like it – the location is great to try to pull together the A51, SOB and UCo PAX.

So once again McGee and I, were out by ourselves, on a mission to get better.  We did a loop, the loop took about 5 minutes a cycle and in total we each covered the following:  3 miles, 42 flights of stairs, 175 calf raises, 140 jump squats, 105 Box cutters, 140 RDL’s, and 35 burpees.   A little mary and merkins for a closer.

Next week McGee will be in Ireland with his M.  If you don’t like McGee it would be a great week to try it!  If you don’t like me, then try it anyway.  It will be good for you.

HC while supplies last!  There may never be a deal this good again.



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