After the storm

After the storm

24 intrepid PAX peeked out their heads into the hurricane-ravaged gloom and made a serious downpainment on rebuilding a better world from the rubble….. Brief non-legalese disclaimer given and we were off down the freshly paved roads towards the professional grade turf field for……


COP on turf field




Good Mornings

Half lap around field – carioca, run, carioca, backpedal


Run to bridge – Grab rock —> Peoples chair with shoulder press. IC.


Curls with rock IC.

Repeat 3 times total


Run stadium stairs.

10x hand release merkins, 10x CDD and plank for six.

Indian Run around track.

Repeat 2 times total.


Run to utility shed/bottom of hill. Partner up.

Partner 1 sprints to top of hill and jogs back to start.

Partner 2 LBCs


Repeat 3 times total.


Run to statue at entrance to gym.

Step ups x 10 (each leg)

Dips x 10

Decline Merkins x 10

Repeat 3 times total.


Yog back to launch. Bear Crawl width of the parking lot. Jog back. Lunge walk width of the parking lot. Jog back.

Repeat 3 times total.





Had a great mix of regulars and new (at least for me) faces. From the word go we had some great 2nd F. I think the Pax must have had a lot of pent up mumblechatter from being cooped up with Ms and 2.0s all weekend.

I was super impressed by the Pax this morning. They took everything I threw at them (and then some). Great effort on every station and I didn’t see any refuseniks at all. Even saw some pretty good form.

Thanks to Run Stopper for calling out my cracking, prepubescent voice while counting on the bridge.

I think Semi-gloss pre-ran the workout. My goodness.

We were even graced with the presence of the Nantan.

Nice work out there.


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HopsPosted on12:55 pm - Sep 19, 2018

good to see Flo Jo back out with the pax. “proud of” Gloss for pre-running, and always disturbed when he dons the sarong after the workout.
Scratch & Sardine should invest in F3 bandanas.
Hannibal should run a 5K via the bear crawl…might win the thing
Joker aptly pointed out that Deep Dish was actually doing the called exercises, and with decent form at that.
Harley will be your pain distribution czar at Hawk’s Nest next week

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