Swift (20 PAX) + Bagpipe (23 PAX) = Kirby

Swift (20 PAX) + Bagpipe (23 PAX) = Kirby

Bagpipe welcomed their newest co-site Q, Mr. Kirby – now officially in charge of Recruiting and Retention.  This morning’s workout started and ended as expected…. there was an overly wordy disclaimer, followed up by a confusing single exercise warm-up and a mix of several partner exercises, none of which required a partner.   Then we ran to CVS and back.

And at the end of the day, we all logged 2.5 miles, a solid merkin and dip burn and a few good laughs.

We have no idea what Swift did, but all 20 PAX arrived back at the Vine shirtless.


  • Cheddar had his baby and is now consistently getting 2-3 hours of sleep a night
  • Welcome FNG Valderamma (aka Greg S.)
  • Check out the GoFundMe link on Slack to help F3CapeFear with monetary donations post Hurricane Florence
  • Bucky on Q next week for Bagpipe
  • Pats sign Josh Gordon – look for multiple TDs this Sunday night against Detroit

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