Which Route Are You Taking?

Which Route Are You Taking?

7 PAX flowed into Blakeney Shopping Center for the latest edition of #F3Blakovery. A mandatory curfew kept a few of the regulars from leaving their county of residence but YHC was ready to run. So without a disclaimer or shirts, we were off to run the Flat Branch Route.


This is the route I ran:

Activity map of “Post Flo Blakovery”



It was an interesting post hurricane morning.  (1) Bratwurst, Bunker and our Union County peeps were stuck running on their own or fartsacking; (2) what are the odds of both Cobbler and YHC posting a running workout (or any workout) and not having an emergency poop; (3) there were only 2 of us who kept our shirt on while running; (4) we had 2 site FNGs; (5) the fast guys ran 1 route (Tool Bag and Happy Meal), the recovery runners ran another (One-Niner and Cobbler), the faster guys (Fraiser and Gumbo) ran their own and YHC was somewhere in-between. (6) we all agreed that female runner smell better than we do and they sometimes are offended and ignore guys running in the early morning without shirts.

Thank you One-Niner for taking us out.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: monitor Slack channel for how you can help with the hurricane clean up effort.

If it isn’t washed away, F3 Dads camping event, October 19-21 at Cane Creek, Waxhaw, NC. HC on the F3dads slack channel. Stay 1 or 2 nights.

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toolbagPosted on4:20 pm - Sep 17, 2018

The first time I have ever been called a “fast guy,” thanks for making my day.

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