11 Goats came out with the shared goal of spotting Jim Cantore while shaking out from the BRR.  Half of those goals were achieved!

Simple workout:

  1. Warm-up lap; stretching
  2. Run at your own pace for 20 mins (on track)
  3. More stretching
  4. Coffee at Panera!


Great to see everyone out this morning, especially with the potential for difficult weather over the weekend!  It was great to see everyone and hear some great stories from the BRR!  I encourage everyone to take some time to let your legs and lungs recover, as well as your enjoyment of running!   Let’s use the next few weeks to renew our bodies, minds and spirits to get back into sustainable training that will get us ready for whatever challenge each of us has next!

You guys are awesome!!   See you next Friday!  SF

Thanks to Fleetwood for the prayer to take us out!

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