The Anti Run

The Anti Run

24 brave men disregarded all emergency storm warnings and evacuation orders to post at Impromptu this morning. While there may have seemed to be some confusion around the actual Q in charge – all was smoothed over and the initial mosey went off without a hitch.
Warm Up
Mosey to front of middle school
SSH, Dugans, MTN Clmbr, Merkin, LSQ

Head to back of school by the picnic tables for triple nickle 25/20/15
25 Derkins/step ups/Bobby Hurley’s
20 Derkins/step ups/Bobby Hurley’s
15 Derkins/step ups/Bobby Hurley’s
if finished before six continue to 10
– saw some speed skaters take it down to 10* while we waited on the six (no man left behind)
*a good way that some at the front of the pax can push themselves

Short mosey to the bball courts:
15’s – sideline to sideline for a minute – try to get 15 touches
Bear Crawl to halfway across court – jump to burpee the other half – return
We did 2 rounds

lateral side shuffle around the entire court – stop to do Hurley’s
Back to 15’s
lateral side shuffle,this time stop at each basket and do 10 merkins

Short Mosey to the football field for 100’s/75’s/50’s/25’s
Run football field to goal line 100 SSH suicide back
Run 75 yards – 75 mountain climbers – suicide back
Run 50 Yards – 50 LBC’s
Run 25 Yards – plank up or something

Return to parking lot – finish

With Ignition and Pursuit having good numbers this week my thought was to scale back the mileage a bit. Plan was to hit the aerobic threshold by doing short burst-type moves.
Again it’s a pleasure to lead or Q Jack a workout with such an outstanding group of men, community leaders and servants..
Call out to everyone for pushing through today
Gear Workout soft launch on Wed @ Five stones – bring your old cement or sand filled plastic weights
Supplies for Dancing Bear

Be safe this weekend – monitor news channel for any help with our brothers or in the community. Do post in the playhouse if the power goes out – will need some shenanigans to pass the time.

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