Run faster, climb higher

Run faster, climb higher

“Storm” down the strip maul for COP
Side-straddle hops x 20 (IC)
‘Mericans x 10
Imperial Walker x 15 (IC)
Wide arm ‘Mericans x 10 (IC)
Squats x 10 (IC)
Diamond ‘Mericans x 10 (IC)

Without getting hit by a delivery truck, SPRINT to the first speed bump, mosey back
5 burpees
SPRINT to second speed bump
10 lunges (each leg)
SPRINT to the 3rd speed bump
15 Imperial Walkers (each leg)
SPRINT to the 4th speed bump
20 ‘Mericans
SPRINT to the 5th speed bump
25 plank jacks
SPRINT to the end of the building
30 squats

Flo over the hill, cross the street and line-up in People Chair on the St. Matt brick wall
50 air presses
7 muscle-ups, to stand
7 donkey kicks
14 muscle-ups, to stand
14 donkey kicks
21 muscle-ups, to stand
21 donkey kicks

Return to AO, on way back 10 Peter Parkers and 10 Parker Peters

Finish up with ‘Merican/LBC ladder
10 ‘Mericans, 10 LBC (IC)
9 ‘Mericans, 9 LBC (IC)
8 ‘Mericans, 8 LBC (IC)
7’Mericans, 7 LBC (IC)
6 ‘Mericans, 6 LBC (IC)
5 ‘Mericans, 5 LBC (IC)

The plan today was to reduce the miles, but increase the speed. Sprints are essential to building speed, muscle strength and mental toughness. I saw lots of guys pushing through each distance – Bucky, Mighty Mite and Mic Check were really flying. The wall work gives some underused back and core muscles. And, we did lots of ‘Mericans, because F3. Just a bit over 2 miles was covered today.

In the next few days, the weather is going to wreck some people lives. Please keep your family safe and when the clouds clear, consider investing you time and money to help our neighbors rebuild.

Prayers for safety and providence from the storm.

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