Goodbye World

Goodbye World

28 men post in the pre-apocalypse gloom for what could be the last workout on the east coast.

The archives are being searched to determine if this is a new record for #F3hydra which, if validated, I will expect a Jerry Richardson-esque statue to be constructed on the AO in my likeness.


The Thang:

There being no FNG’s the disclaimer was phrased more as a threat, and off we went into the teeth of the fierce hurricane – brave souls as we were.

A slow mosey around the school and we circled up on the grass for COP:


IW x 15 IC – – always

Low Slow Squat x 15 IC

SSH x 15 IC

Mountain Climber x 15 IC

Low Slow Merkins x 15 IC


Count off by 3 and a short run over to the basketball court


The 3-legged starfish:


Begins with:

6 x 8 count burpee + 10 Heels to Heaven


Run to playground:

10 pullups

10 jump squats

10 Dolly


Back to start point, repeat the burpees and heels2heaven, then


Run to entrance:

10 dips

10 bench steps – each leg

10 flutter


Back to start point, repeat the burpees and heels2heaven, then


Run to light:

10 decline merkins

10 groiner

10 LBC


Each of the 3 groups start at a different station – then we rotate through the series 3 times, at which point the 8 count burpees kind of suck.


That done, we formed into groups of 3 for a few minutes of grinders to loosen the legs.




Great turnout considering we are only 72 hours or so from complete annihilation.

Good solid work by all – leave this world on a high note is what I say.

It was noted that my social media trolling helped amp up the attendance.


Don’t pretend you didn’t like it.


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HopsPosted on2:13 pm - Sep 13, 2018

So will you be holding a razor in your hand in this statue? I know you shave(d) your own legs in your swimming days, you just can’t shave someone else’s…right?
Sorry I missed…sort of.

BugeaterPosted on10:23 pm - Sep 13, 2018

Well for those counting at home:
1. 32 Donkey Kong beatdown June 2013
2. 30 Tiger Rag beat down July 2013
3. 29 49er beatdown at Hydra launch May 2013
4. 28 Bugeater one year reunion beatdown May 2014
5. Iron Horse reunion tour beatdown September 2018

It is possible..that somewhere along the way during Pudding Pop and Marge/Queens reigns as Leaders of the Hydra pack, other high 20 workouts have been attained.

Marge and Queen still need to figure out how to get Hydra Qs listed on the F3 South Charlotte website…like all the other A51 site Q’s. Or just keep having Iron Horse Lead every week.

MargePosted on1:21 am - Sep 14, 2018

We like to keep it a secret, Bug.

Lewinsky is on Q next week.

Great Q today, IH. Won’t need to work out this weekend now which is good since RZ is closed on Saturday.

Also – we’ve had a few mid-20 kind of crowds over the past couple of months. Very good attendance. Let’s keep it going.

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