What We Don’t Remember, We Will Forget

What We Don’t Remember, We Will Forget

24 PAX enjoyed the freedom of posting on this 9.11 morning.

We have the freedom to choose when and where to go.

We have the freedom to assemble and run around Ballantyne Corporate Park.

We have many freedoms that I take for granted every day because sometimes I forget what someone did to insure that freedom. This is one of those days I must remember so I don’t forget.

So for this backblast, instead of recounting the COP, THE THANG and MOLESKIN, I will take Q privilege to focus on the discussion that happened after-at Timekeeper.

Two men who have had a direct impact on my F3 journey-Alf and Frehleys Comet- were gracious enough to share their 9.11 experience.

Each had a different perspective. One from an office outside of the Pentagon the other from an office inside New York City. But it was clear that both were deeply impacted by those events and sharing their story provided me insight that I did not have before-to help me remember, so I don’t forget.

The lesson Alf taught me this morning is there is a big difference between radicals and religion. That sometimes evil people (radicals) use religion to manipulate people to carry out their own evil agenda.  That we should pause before we lump a people group into the same category as a radical when all they want to do is practice their religion.

I can say I was guilty of this. As a guy who grew up across the river in NJ, when the Towers fell and our country was under attack, I was angry. And to some degree I still am. Back then, I wanted retribution. But now looking back, I am glad cooler heads prevailed.

Frehleys was working in New York City and was at work when the planes crashed and the Towers came down. Not knowing what was going on, no way to contact anyone, he and tens of thousands of people were forced to evacuate. He could see the smoke and smell the wreckage of the Twin Towers. It was an eerie feeling to walk thru the streets of NYC with only the noise of the sirens in the backdrop. The sea of people around him were calm, whispering, collectively working their way to the Ferry system-the only way off the island.  He finally made it to the other side (NJ) and back home-safely with his family.

A powerful picture of the human resolve and unity under the pressure of extreme circumstances.

We are 17 years past that frightful day.

It was good to remember, so I never forget.

As far as the workout is concerned, we ran, did merkins, some squats and even Burpees.

But like many other days I have sweated in the gloom-it is hard to remember what we did a few hours later.

What I heard from Alf and Frehleys afterwards, I won’t forget.

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