Watchtower On The Move

Watchtower On The Move

Conditions: 75F and Humid like the Amazon Jungle

19 Pax accepted change and posted to first Watchtower workout at the new location (Brooklyn Pizza – Wesley Chapel). The name Brooklyn is fitting for today as we remember the devastation of 9/11. If you have 10 minutes free today; watch this link


Warmup: None

The Thang:

Light Run, SSH, and Merkins

Burpee Suicides – (30 in total)

Partner Work – 100 jump ups and 200 decline merkins

Merkin Ladder (50 in total)

Bear Crawl With Merkins (50 in total)

Mixed in LBC and Heels To Heaven while waiting on the 6


Moleskin: Always appreciate the opportunity to lead. There are several members of the PAX that are steadily getting better, and some that choose to carry on conversations during the workout. We all have different goals? I was always told people lose their filter in old age, and recalculating was living proof of that this morning (Dude Is Mean). It’s no surprise that Half Back and Cha Ching lead the pack; they are like 22 years old with testosterone counts exceeding 1200 ng/dl. Blue Screen is a beast at 59 years old, always at the front. Please stay safe during Florence.

Announcements: None that I remember.

New Workout Monday’s Ignition @5:15am (Cuthbertson) – it’s geared towards running 4+ miles


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