Metal on the playground

Metal on the playground

Got to the school after a brief detour at @HighTideNC ’s house to load up on KBs, and unloaded in back. Had just enough time to trot back to the parking lot to round up the Pax before we got going.
Theme for the day (inspired by Grandpa Jacks) is
Head, shoulders, knees and toes.

Warm up
Lug your bell to the back of the school and oval up for:
IW 10 In Cadence (IC)
Peter Parker 10IC
Grandpa Jacks 10IC
Parker Peter 10IC
Happy-appy (Sideways IW) 10IC
Merkins 10IC

Mosey to pile of bells and load to playground for the main Thang. Review list of activities and let the fun begin: (go in the order you want, repeat if finished early)

Head: 30 head raises on each: front, back, left, right

Shoulders: 20@50% max then 10@75% max OR 5-10@90%max to failure
Single-arm press
Overhead press
Upright row
Lawn mower
Face-down fly
Triceps extension

2X Knees: 20@50% max then 10@75% max OR <10@90%max to failure
KB swing
KB Squat
KB Lunge

2X Toes: Calf raises 20 together then 10 each foot solo

Eyes+Ears+Mouth+Nose = Chin-up 5X5X5 – up, hold 5. Decent 5 count. Repeat 5X

6 Minutes of Mary
Flutter -15IC
Bicycle -15IC
Dolly -15IC
American Hammer -15IC

Plank Wave (lost count)

Mosey back to parking lot for COT

Prayer Request for Cooter’s name-twin.

Hope y’all got your money’s worth. We managed to get a 60-minute workout into about 55 minutes. Dang! That’s strong!! Guess this is the regular Olympus group, because there was nothing Moderate (#F3Ascent) about it.

YHC was relieved to see that all the metal wasn’t going to be going to waste, and happy to see that most of the guys had brought a bell or two (or 3, Kostanza #overachiever)

Due to technical glitch (read “user error”), I didn’t capture all PAX names as intended, so please comment with who I missed or if I gave credit to someone who wasn’t actually there. I know there were 8 of us.
Mall Cop was War Baby
Cooter earned the most respect as War Daddy
Thanks for following along with the suggestions, guys. Have a great weekend!

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CooterPosted on3:42 am - Sep 9, 2018

Great workout Swiss! Mr. Furley made his appearance as well. I have to hand the honor and respect of War Daddy over to Fugitive. I struggle to keep up with him in endurance and age! Thanks for leading us Swiss!

    Swiss MissPosted on11:14 am - Sep 10, 2018

    Ah, yes, Mr. Furley. Back from the good ol’ days of TV, when we had to stand up to change the channel and there were only 3 to choose from (4 if you count PBS).
    Thanks for keeping me straight on that and on the War Daddy shout out. T-claps to Fugitive. Guess Hope I can be looking so good and going so strong in 10 more years.
    And while I’m babbling, let me put in a shameless plug for F3 Gumby – flexibility and recovery workout Wednesdays at corner of South Trade and Fullwood in Matthews. Look for the shovel flag.

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