Double check the Calendar

Double check the Calendar

Editor’s Note: Lois posting for Sensei.

12 men rolled out to the Peak this morning, to be joined later by 3 from Sparta to get a jump start on the day. With BRR kicking off tomorrow, YHC wanted to get in a shake out run mixed in with some moderate bootcamp exercises.

While I am certain BRR kicks off tomorrow, I am not quite as certain that it is September with temps in the mid 70s and the humidity hovering somewhere in the 90s. Did they move it to July? Anyways, it is what it is; put one foot in front of the other; it’s just a hill, get over it; shut up and run; insert your favorite running motivational line here.

No FNGs, so a quick and heartfelt disclaimer was given and off we went.

Run around the front of FBC to the driveway beside MAC’s and circle up for COP

  • SSH x 20
  • IW x 20
  • Forward Arm Circles x 10
  • Backward Arm Circles x 10
  • Merkins x 10

Mosey to the bottom of FBCM side parking lot and line up

  • Run to the top of parking lot and do 15 CDDs
  • Run to bottom of parking lot and do 15 LBCs
  • Repeato x 4

Mosey over to the track and partner up

  • P1 run in one direction, P2 run in the other direction
  • When you meet, do 10 Hand Slap Merkins
  • Continue around the track and do 10 Squats when you meet
  • Repeato x 2

Mosey over to the monkey bars

  • Pull Ups x 5
  • Lunges x 10 each leg
  • Repeato x 3

Back to the track and repeato earlier partner work x 2

  • Broga Time!
  • Hammie stretch, middle, right, left
  • Runner’s Lunge right, left
  • Pigeon Stretch right, left

Back to launch and done.

Sweaty Moleskin:

  • The Peak crowd shows up ready to work hard every week, and today was no exception. Nice work men. I appreciate humoring me for my glorified shake out run prior to BRR tomorrow.
  • Slim Fast took note of everyone who was there, and the 3 who joined us at the end for Sparta. I think he has already submitted your names for a BRR team next year. The sooner you accept it, the better for us all.
  • Seriously, there are several guys who have joined Peak over the past few months who could absolutely go out and run whatever they want. Whether you sign up for a CSAUP event or not, keep coming out. You are what makes Peak so fun.
  • Excellent takeout by Little Mike

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