The Takeover

The Takeover

15 men posted for a very humid Skunkworks. After the usual disclaimer, the PAX were led through a typical COP before moseying down to the lot between the admin and cafeteria buildings.  Instructions were given to partner up – like size bells preferably. The exercises went like this:

P1 – runs to top of parking lot, around the island, and returns to flapjack with P2, who is doing the called exercise.

Set 1 – OH press, KB swings

Set 2 – Biceps, Triceps, Upright rows

Set 3 – Clean left, clean right, snatch left, snatch right

Set 4 – Merkins, CDD’s

Set 5 – Flutter press, Louganis, Toe touches

Set 6 – Squats, GMs

Mosey back to launch for COT.

Moleskin: Great group of men who continue to impress with their dedication to a lifestyle of fitness. Dollywood and YHC were chatting this morning about how much of our disciplines in life start with our commitment to exercise.  It’s totally true!  Even though I feel beat down after some of our workouts, it’s still a better feeling than when I miss a few days in a row.   I’m really thankful to F3 and all the Area 51 men for the community that we have!

The big announcement was made during COT that myself and Blazing Saddles will be turning over the site Q reigns to Tulip and Funky Cold. Guys, thank you for stepping up! We all are excited about what you both bring to the table.  You will be great site leaders!

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