Rounding the bases

Rounding the bases

13 men for 3+ miles of Raintree’s Rounding Run.  In no way was this an original workout and I do apologize for my lack of creativity this morning!  However, we still were able to get in a good workout and even finish with some upper body strengthening.

At 0530, YHC gave the disclaimer and off we went for COP.  Floor Slapper had his impeccable timing again—amazingly showing up just before the PAX gets out of sight!! Following COP, the PAX was instructed to mosey to Rounding Run where I was quickly informed by Stone Cold that he and 49er had just pre-run this same route. Once again, my lack of creativity this morning produced no audible and so we went…

At the intersection where Rounding Run makes its big loop at the end (DV regulars should’ve been familiar with our surroundings), the PAX were instructed to grab a partner and run the loop by starting in opposite directions.  At the first partner meeting, 10 hand slap merkins. At the second partner meeting, mosey back to our starting point for 10 x 20 x 30: merkins, squats, LBCs.

Repeato. Uno mas. Do over. Second verse. Rinse and repeat. You get the drift – we did that same thing again!

Mosey back past launch and onto the baseball field bleacher area for the final 10 minutes. Called exercises were 50 merkins, 50 dips, 50 supine pull-ups OYO.

Mosey to launch for some Mary and some!

Moleskin: YHC was happy to oblige when Dollywood asked for me to step in and substi-Q. After Q-ing the day before, I chose to keep it simple on my brain and go with an easy instruction workout.  We got in over 3 miles and, although profusely sweating, everyone seemed to handle it well.

Thanks to D-wood and Smokey – you guys lead  and serve the men of DV well!!

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