There is no way hawks fly alone!

There is no way hawks fly alone!

Fourteen men showed up 15 minutes after our Fast Twitch/BBR Running/Nut Job brethren gathered and departed Charlotte Latin this morning.  While the balminess and humidity lingered over the pax, they were all properly disclaimed and we headed off:

Warm Up:

Jog to the lower parking lot next to Swim Mac for:

  • 20 IWs
  • 15 Low Slow Squats
  • 15 MCs

The Thang:

Merkin Circle/Catch Me If You Can:

Jog to the football field and circle up near the 50 yard line.  Bring it in shoulder to shoulder for merkin circle (crowd pleaser and Deep Dishes favorite exercise of all time!…..I am pretty sure!)…..Q calls 5 paces to either left or right and pax pivots that many while staying in plank.  After pivoting, Q calls various types of merkins including normal (i.e. garden variety), wide arm, hand release and diamond.  After round one of the merkin circle, we did a catch me if you can loop on the track with the catcher performing 10 LBCs.  We hit the MC again, then did CMIYC with 7 jump squats.

Bleacher Work:

Quick mosey to the stadium bleachers.  Partner Up.  Partner #1 runs up and down half of the stadium stairs while Partner #2 does stated exercise.  Flap jack upon partner return.  We covered CDD’s, standing lunges, flutter and rosalita. I also nearly face planted at the step down from the track to the bleachers. #oldmancantsee!

Pebble Detail:

We moseyed from the stadium to the clear other end of the Latin campus that fronts Providence Rd.  Recent construction has left a pile of small rocks so each pair grabbed two small rocks.  Partner #1 did wall sitting (I think that’s a bathroom building) and lifted both rocks (dumb bell style) while Partner #2 ran to nearly Providence Rd and back.  Flapjack. Pebble detail included overhead presses, arm raises and butterflies.

Four Corners:

We moseyed to the soccer fields that border Providence and are just above Swim Mac.  We did two round of four corners including dollys and heels to heaven.  I learned two things during this circuit: 1) The pax decided after profusely sweating for 35 minutes, they didn’t want to “get wet” by laying on the ground.  Give me a break!, and #2) Professor Semi Gloss informed me that Hawks (the Latin mascot and the name sake for our weekly work out) tend to fly solo rather than in a flock.  Hard to believe given the brothers of F3 never fly solo at an AO (although I kind of wish Semi Gloss was solo when he decided to float an air biscuit during our wall sitting time….gracious!).

Mosey back to the cars to meet up with the Fast Twitch thoroughbreds.  That’s a wrap!


We racked up 2.7 miles today!  I did some recon work yesterday after the Base Camp convergence as the Latin campus is one I have only recently started to get familiar with (i.e. I am a product of the public schools….shocker,  I know).  The rock pile the construction crew left us was a bonus.  I also found a larger rock pile on campus I am going to tuck away for next time. The academic portion of the campus is torn up right now due to construction so it was easier to stay on the periphery.  Interesting factoid…..every person, with the exception of Hops, who reacted to my Twitter or text comments last night about my Qing did not show up for the workout.  I won’t name names, but there is a LOT of arm chair judging going on out there!  Just sayin’!  Thanks to all who did come out.  Great group of dudes and the pax stuck together well.  Hops and Doc, thanks for letting me lead!  SG, thanks for the prayer and take-out!



  • Good luck to BRR boys this Friday and Saturday!
  • Paint Ball on 9/15.  Area 51 vs. SOB.  See Pop Tart for more details.


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HopsPosted on8:38 pm - Sep 4, 2018

Good Q Hopper. Not “garden variety”.
1 pax missing from the list: Thumper.
As for old men not seeing, you almost missed the ramp up to the track as well….so close to Respect
Some other sundry observations:
– Kotters to Marge
– Lost my partner Hammer for a few minutes #codebrown. Irony is that Gummy had just mentioned how many porta-jon options there are on campus
– T-claps to Fetch (Hannibal’s nephew) for posting again after his FNG post last week where Sardine pert-near killed him
– Grateful for the old-knee friendly work on the track, football field, and other grass fields #makebootcampsgreatagain
– Mermaid on Q next week for 9/11.

HopperPosted on1:06 pm - Sep 5, 2018

Thanks Hops! My B, Thumper! Yep, I forgot about that step up to the track. Senility and blindness are a bad mix!

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