We Listened To The Toy Cop… (this time)

We Listened To The Toy Cop… (this time)

(missing 1 PAX… cobains. Update YHC and will update backblast)

20 Pax showed up at Stonehenge, but by the mileage total of ~4.2mi, thought they might have been at The Brave. Well, guess what… now all of you know you can post at The Brave, since you hit the mileage minimum for that workout. Try it out.  You too Loogie, hey if Paper Jam can be a runner, you can be a decent footballer one-day… maybe.

Plan was to run a Metro-style workout, with a bunch of running today… a lot of it, in the 8-story deck on Community House, affectionately named ‘Room 101’ by Tuck. But, a Toy Cop kicked us out, just before we ascended all the ramps… backwards. Paul Blart was actually cool about it, and said that we could run around the Premier campus, just stay out of the decks. Can’t blame the guy for doing his job.  We respected his wishes and stayed out of the other Premier Decks for the morning. Well, not really by choice… the PAX #refusenik on YHC attempt to just go up another deck.  Settled for Ballantyne Village Deck instead.  Hey, BRR is next weekend #goodluck, and YHC has NYC marathon in 10 weeks… which means running is necessary.  It’s also necessary to run off a bunch of pasta on vacation in NJ, right Gramatica?

Since YHC can’t do a ton of body-weight exercises to irritiate joints, or rather, YHC bodyweight is still elevated so exercises are much harder… we pulled out the green resistance bands as the coupon for this morning.  If used properly, it gives you a really hard workout. Well, unless you get the BLACK band, which Doc was given…. then it’s a soulcrusher. Great work McStuffins.

It was good to see BillyGoat and Cheddar out there pushing, after being in 10th gear on their 3rd F late the night before at The Sandbox Prom serving some kids who have been dealt a tough hand in the game of life. It was unequally nice to see Nard Dog out there (and the prerun no less), after being 4+ beers deep on Slack the night before. #HIM

Anyway, hope you all have a great holiday weekend.  It has been most of 2018 that YHC has been out of workouts, and at my old site-Q stomping grounds of Stonehenge, but great to see some new faces, some old faces, the same ugly faces, and … you get the point. Pleasure to lead, and thanks for the invite WT &ND.  Encouraging you all to sign up for some service opportunity, whether it be Speed For Need Race, Sandbox, or something else of service to someone else.  No need to post details below, because if you haven’t heard about any of these, then 1) you’re ignoring them 2) your memory is horrific or 3) you don’t care… Hopefully #3 isn’t the case.

And that’s a wrap! Back to spending the remaining 2 days of vacation before YHC goes back to work. BLAH!



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