My sandbag is heavier than yours!

My sandbag is heavier than yours!

The fall-like air brought on a lot of mumblechatter for this group of 11 men.  It was a lively, chatty crew…..but a tough one just the same.  It was designated as “heavy” day at RZ which means the pax should expect to be lifting “body weight plus” as defined by site Q Flipper.  So, after being told I was already one minute late in getting started (again, it was a talkative lot), I delivered an eloquent disclaimer and off we went:

Warm Up:

Jog to front Calvary yard.  There was a mob sized number of geese in the front yard who looked hungry so I decided to not run all the way to the front Calvary sign where most  of them were claiming turf.

  • IW
  • Low Slow Squat
  • Plank Jacks

The Thang:

Merkin Circle:

Jog to the front court yard of the church.  Form a circle and get in the plank position.  Shuffle while staying in the plank position either 5 paces to the left or right based upon YHC’s command.  When finished with 5 paces, drop for 5 merkins of stated variety.  I think we fit in garden variety merkins, HR merkins and diamonds.  Two notes on the merkin circle:  Spackler was lined up to my left and quickly told me I was shuffling toward him too quickly…..I guess I made him nervous.  Secondly, Deep Dish REALLY liked the merkin circle thing.  He called for it no less than a dozen remaining times throughout the hour….glad you enjoyed it DD!

Sand Bag Duty:

Jog to the front parking lot.  I commandeered 7 sand bags from both Flipper and Hoover.  The bags were waiting for us at this location.  Grab a partner and while partner #1 runs the distance of the islands at the front lot and back, partner #2 uses the sand bag for called exercise:  1) squats and 2) bench presses.  The third exercise was a team combo of alternating lunges and running the distance between your partner and the end of the islands.

LOTS of feedback occurred during this exercise.  Spackler insinuated my lunges looked more like a feminine curtsy than a lunge.  Rude!  Gummy also protested that his sand bag was heavier than anyone elses. Um……Whatevs!

I originally planned to call partner carries back to the starting point of the front lot, but Deep Dish was SO smitten with the merkin circle, I called it again for him!  You is welcome DD!

The Beast:

Jog to the soccer fields.  Line up abreast for a F3 classic.  Six cones were lined up across the fields.  Run to each cone for 6 of the called work.  I believe we did flutters, jump squats, LBC’s, CDD’s and Sister Mary Catherine.  The talking certainly didn’t die down here either!  Lots of threats of mutiny if we did burpees……lots of discussion about Hillary Clinton…….lots of statements of “we don’t like you, Hopper”.  It’s ok….feedback is welcomed, just not necessarily listened to!

The Plates:

Jog toward the church.  Flipper and Hoover also leant me some 25, 35 and 45 lb plates.  Partner up with new sidekick.  Partner #1 places plate on the planking back of Partner #2.  Partner #2 planks and/or does merkins while Partner #1 runs to chosen light post and back.  Flapjack.  Presses with plate with rosalitaing and curls were also incorporated at this station.  Prohibition had his own version of the rosalita press which was a combo of a dying cockroach and an ice capade on her back.  It will take a LONG time before I can get that image out of my head.

Wall time:

Jog to the restroom hotbox and grab some wall to sit.  We did leg lifts, raised arms and arm presses alternating with AYG sprints to designated light post.  A guy who looked a lot like Purrell (but, obviously was not Purrell since he is only BRR training and not showing up at boot camps), led the AYG sprints EVERY dang time.

Run It Back:

We lined up and Native American ran it back to our starting point taking the long route of the outer perimeter of the parking lot.  We then finished up with a couple of Mary exercises.

That’s a wrap!

Despite  many “suggestions” made throughout the hour, we made it through.  Man, the weather was beautiful and it gave us a glimpse of what the morning will truly feel like in another month or so.  Just awesome.  The pax was great and candidly it would not have been the same or fun without the mumblechatter that was shared.  Rock Zero (fka The Rock….gratuitous plug there Pro) will always feel like my home AO so thanks for letting my lead Flipper and Hoover!  Thanks also to the ten pax who showed up and made it worthwhile!


  • Aug 31: Sandbox Evening to Believe: Formal Dance Event which needs volunteers. Details are on preblast on F3 Site.
  • Crane Relay sign ups end today.
  • Isabella Santos Speed for Need race in end  of Sept.

Hoover, thanks for the great take-out prayer!






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