Pre-Pre-Running, Pre-Running and Sandbags

Pre-Pre-Running, Pre-Running and Sandbags

3 Men showed up for the 4:30 Flat Pre-Pre-Run…..

2 More Men Showed Up for the Pre-Run…

3 More Men Showed up for the Main Event…

The Thang….

Pair up and grab a sandbag either a 40, 50, 60 or 70. The choice really doesn’t matter as we will switch it up.

Mosey over to the School Bus lot for a little Diesel fumed COP.

SSH x 14

Windmills x 7

and a car came so move over.

Have the other member of the pair carry the sandbag down the hill to the football field.

Line up facing down the field to the alternate goal post.

The first man in the team will bear crawl pulling the sandbag underneath him. The other man will do 10 merkins and run up to the other teammate and take over bear crawling. After each man had 2 cycles of this on his sandbag YHC will call switch. Each team moves one sandbag to the left. Repeat for 120 Yards.

Next up face back from whence we came. One Teammate will do deadlifts with the bag and the other runs to the far goal post and back. Two rounds of this moving to the sandbag on your left. Next round, run half the field while your partner is doing curls. Move a sand bag to the left. Then repeato with Overhead press. Move a sandbag to the left. Each team gets a chance at all the sandbags.

There is only one way to get back down the field. The same way we got here. Bear Crawl and Merkins.

After 120 yards we lined up at the bottom of the dragon’s crack hill. One partner got on his six and held the sandbag in the air while doing flutters, and the other ran up the hill to the dugout and back. The team of flutterers did 20 IC. Flapjack. All 4 teams had a chance at all 4 sandbags.

One man from each team carries the bag up the hill to the bus lot and then the other brings it home.

Got back with 3 minutes to spare. 8 Sandbags and eight people perfect. Everyone grab one and do a run a loop around the parking lot.



Great group of guys today. 3 Kotters and 5 regulars. All of the men worked well together. A few things I noted. Copay, who hasn’t done an F3 workout in about a year, is still fast and strong. Punchlist who is just getting back into F3 stayed in good running shape thanks to his M shaming him. Sharknado took a 2 year hiatus and is still skinnier than YHC. #notfair

As for the usuals it was the usual. Cobbler took a deuce, One-niner took a deuce (two weeks a row must be eating with cobbler on Wednesday nights), Cheddar is awaiting a baby while trying to do CSAUPs as close to her due date as possible #firstkid, and General is still fast and strong.


It was a pleasure to lead this fine group of men. Sign-up for Isabella Santos, Sign up for Crane relay.


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