Sixteen men made it out bright and early to Hydra.  All were disclaimed and away we went.

COP in the field behind the school

LSS, IW & Monkey Humper x 15.  Merkin and LS merkin x 10

First station of the circuit work began at the jungle gym where each man did as many pull ups as possible followed by 15 merkins.  Mosey to the benches by the front of the school and complete dips and durkins x 15 each.  Mosey to the third station which is the benches at the other side of the front of the school and complete LSS and step ups x 15 each.  We ran this circuit three times.

Mosey to the back field for a little core work.  Starting at the zero yard line, we completed LBC’s center, LBC right and LBC left x 10 each.  Mosey to the 50 yard line and get some Dolly and Rosalita x 15 each.  Run to the 100 yard line for flutter and American Hammer x 15 each.  This circuit was completed twice.

From the back filed we ran to the church lot and grabbed some rocks.  Partner 1 did curls, triceps and overhead press (x15 each) while partner 2 ran the parking lot to the far street.  Flap jack and complete this circuit twice.

By now we were running out of time and steam.  Time to head on back.  Frosty paws took us out.


It was a great morning as we finally got a break in the humidity.  Perhaps fall is here to stay.  Everyone really pushed hard today and made it happen.



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